April 10 (March 28 Old Style)

Mother and stepmother. It was a day cleaning ponds. Mother and stepmother flower warm earth. April 10 is no longer valid Stepanov wreath. Vili this wreath last summer, on Aug. 15. The whole family, young and old alike, gathered in a meadow. Blade to blade of grass was applied, a flower with a flower wreathe. Our ancestors brought a wreath in the house. His fame, hung in the corner. And apportion it for its beauty wall of the house and living in the house. When marching trouble, my mother tore the wreath from herbs and flowers, water that has boiled in the oven, effusions. And the good spirit of the meadow overcame the disease, helped the human soul to believe that one bright day. Mother and stepmother everyone snegoden since 10 April Odelit maternal care. Give its light, its heat. Mother and stepmother - that the sun blossomed. That no matter what - it rises, carries his burden. And do not leave it to those in orphanhood rises. Give even a drop of mother's warmth to those who all alone in this world!