April 21 (April 8, Old Style)

Rodion and Ruth. Rodion - revuchie water. Rodion Icebreaker. River opened. Rodion Remove the shaft. The first exit in the field. If a clod of earth is not falling apart - to plow early. If you encounter a red sun with a good month - on a clear day and a good summer, and if thin - bad weather and poor summer. Rodion at stake plow, plow under oats. Though treading mud and oat swords. Frog with a voice - this oats. Oats continues as long as blooming apples and pears. When the oak will unfold in the hare's ear - this oats. Moles and hamsters in the spring begin to throw out of their burrows land - a sign that it is necessary to sow oats. Oats this when birch is dissolved.