April 9 (March 27 Old Style)

Matron Nastovitsa, Matrona Polurepnitsa.The word "nastavitsa (nastovitsa) has a dual meaning. Nastovitsami called lapwings, returning home to this day, and her daughter is called the surface of snow, freezing mornings after the big thaw. It turns out that in this day are still strong frosts, snow catches Ledkov that the rays of spring sun melts quickly, and who had come from distant shores rejoice in all the birds in spring. Shuka tail ice breaks, and bunting sings:"Leave the sleigh, take the possibility!" At this time, the peasants said: 'Come on Nast. Marya on peasant last out on the floor bleached canvases. Weavers have always asked for blessings on their weaving at St. Matrona. These canvases before whitening certainly went to church and light candles saint - patroness of good housekeepers.In some places, this day is called "Polurepnitsa. On this day, select suitable seeds for turnips, which are put aside. Of the remaining turnips prepared some dishes. In the old days after the turnips cabbage was a staple food of the peasant. After the potatoes appeared in Russia only at the end of XVIII century. Therefore, caring for the seeds of turnips - is caring for the fullness of the family.