May 3 (April 20 Old Style)

Day of Theodore. Fedor Nevodnik, Vlasyanichnik. Oklikanie ancestors. At Theodore dead yearn for the land. On this day, visited the cemetery: wailing parents or hailed on the churchyard. At dawn all the women gathered and marched to the cemetery, the graves of his parents and relatives, and began to wail - to call them. And in the days of paganism, and in the Christian tradition, parents are always venerated especially so after their deaths, according to people's laments, "emptied high tower, gloh wide yard is not blossom in the broad field of azure flowers, not red oaks grew in dubrovushkah. Mourners called for their dead parents: "Get up, wake up, look at their detushek, vyglyante on us, orphans, out of their Domke, yes poteshte affectionate word!" On Theodoro day the earth opened up and flew the soul departed from us to God's light. And we are witnesses to them. Waiting for the dinner table because of his kind, we put on the table as possible satisfying. Looked to the soul of our ancestors - we live light, not our experiences in these apartments skudeet - habitation.Family and prayed before every big thing. All the peasants work sanctified - a sacred to her was the attitude. If spring friendly, the land became the seed, then wheat sown three days before Yegorov. Dry layer crop will fail. Sberezhesh moisture, so the field povezesh. Slacker on arable land that drone in the hive. Do you want bread with honey - beris a spade. Lie in the loft, so no bread edat. Small grain, and grain by grain - a heap.