May 4 (21 April, old style)

Day Proclus. On this day, cursing the evil forces. Damnation sing out the old men on the outskirts, facing west. West of the Russian Orthodox and folk tradition was a symbol of darkness. The entrance to the temple is always done in the west, because the entrance to the temple is the distance from the darkness that appears to the west and closer to the light coming from the east. Evil demons retreated, and the people are protected against it for a year. Girls in this day dances were taken, about apple trees sang. Cherish - lyalili - serene young days. The better the seed buried, the better monster. Wheat is a well-born, if an ant in the spring-fed and clean. Early in the cherry blossom - will warm summers. The sooner it starts to bloom, the hotter it will be summer.