May 6 (23 April, old style)

Egoryev day (Egor Yuri). Egor Spring. George the Victorious. Feast of the Shepherds - kicked in the herd. On the arrival of swallows Egoryevsky week.Egor - organizer of the Russian land. Until the XV century it was an emblem of the state. He is also the patron of capital city of Moscow. It is believed, moreover, the patron of fields and all the fruits of the earth, which predetermined the tradition of sanctifying this day and field crops. George - water-carrier, he was also patron of the sources and rivers. Therefore, on the day of the holy happened binding and Blessing of the Waters. Yurieva dew acts healthful even terminally ill people. St. George's Day celebrated twice a year: May 6, and 9 December. Because the signs and sayings, established to Yuriev day, consistent with the time of year. George was called, according to folk name of transformation, and Yegor, and Yuri. Because our modern calendar "move" forward in 13 days, all signs should be classified, how they stack up to April 23. By the day of St. George's vernal already widely deployed field work.Peasants were asked Egory unlock the land issue dew. Yurieva dew from the evil eye, from the seven diseases. "Be well, as St. George's dew!" At Yegor day hanging out in the yard of a wet towel: a night to dry - for a long time will not be ineev and freeze - will be frozen in August.In Russia two Egor: one cold, another hungry (December 9 and May 6). Coley spring Egory with food - Autumn Nicola (19 December) will be the bridge (ie, winter set, will be a good sledding). On Egorov frost - will ask and oats. When the George frost and again in a week, should expect a warm autumn. As in Egorievskay night to freeze, so even forty matinees on bread will fall. On Egorov mildew - be good millet. At Yurya rain - Greek Nerode. Early spring sowing with Egorov, later - with Jeremiah (14 May). Pure morning at Yurya - Early sowing, clear evening - late. Early peas until they were George, after the late George. With George begin to sow beets, carrots and sprouts. The first day of the pasture of cattle. With Yegor began dances and gatherings were postponed until Dmiriya (November 8). St George's Day spring. Yegor and warmth, and Nicola in the feed. Egory with water (dew), and Nicola with grass. Yegor bridge, and Nicola with a nail. Yegor burden (with body), and Nicola with a cart. Do not boast about Yegor day sowing, and on the day Nichelino grass! In Egoryev day really lazy plow does not leave. Arriving at Yegor swallow. Yuri - dew - do not have the horses oats. Yuri stores cows, horses, Nicola. Yuri - holiday shepherds (as in his day, being kicked in the first cattle in the field of willow with Palm Sunday). Yurieva dew from the evil eye, from the seven diseases. Be well, as St. George's dew! Coley on Yurya birch leaf in the penny - to the Dormition of the baggage the bread in a tub. This spring before or with Egor Egorov. Rich enough to eat and Egoryev day, but the poor suffer to the Saviour. By Egorov vernal not work, the wolf to the sheep have not eaten. At Yurya St. Egor travels on Forests on a white horse and animals gives mandates. Everyone beast Egor on hand. What is a wolf in the teeth, the Jury gave. Egor spring begins, Ilya summer ends.