Poisoning - treatment of folk remedies

The main antidote
Raw egg white (in the form of drinking) in a large number of assists for poisoning metals and metal salts, particularly mercury and mercuric chloride, copper green, tin, lead and sulfuric acid. Protein can be given in cases where the poison is unknown.Camphor - the main tool for poisoning by vegetable substances, and suffering from the poisonous insects, especially flies blister from anthelminthic, tobacco, bitter almond and other fruits containing prussic acid. Especially useful is a tool, when symptoms of poisoning are vomiting with diarrhea, pale face, cold limbs and unconsciousness.If poisoning acids, salts, metals, phosphorus, poisonous mushrooms, etc. helps to vomit.
Coffee helps in cases of poisoning with opium, emetic nut, narcotic, narcotic mushrooms and sumac, bitter almonds, hydrocyanic acid and substances containing hydrocyanic acid, belladonna, kolokvintom, valerian, sika the omega, romeshkom, antimony, phosphorus and phosphoric acid. Coffee is needed when symptoms such as drowsiness, intoxication, or loss of consciousness, hallucinations.Vegetable oil helps in case of poisoning with nitric acid, sulfuric acid and similar strong and corrosive acids. If the eye or ear accidentally hit the insect, it is necessary to pour into this place a drop of vegetable oil to expel or kill the insect. Vegetable oil is useless if the poisoning metals or metal salts and even harmful in cases of poisoning with arsenic and Spanish fly.Milk is an almost universal remedy for poisoning, especially in cases of poisoning by alkalis.
Auxiliary antidote
Ammonia (ammonia) - against alcohol, bitter almonds, hydrocyanic acid.Wine - against the noxious fumes and poisonous mushrooms.Echauberova salt - against alkaline poisons.Charcoal - against the rotten fish, tainted meat, poisonous mushrooms, poisonous shellfish acids.Iron rust - against arsenic.Starch - against poisoning by iodine preparations.Magnesia - against acids.
Chelation Therapy

Mushroom poisoning, the cause of abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, cramps, convulsions and slow heart rate, treating gastric lavage and vomiting. On my stomach sick to put a hot water bottle, and on his head - a cold compress. You can use charcoal.
If poisoning datura poison, where possible dizziness, eye redness, blurred vision, intoxication, sleep, you must first call the patient's vomiting with soda water and oil. A good antidote is ghee, which is necessary to drink in large quantities in a mixture of wine and pepper. Helps immersion of limbs in hot water as the patient must be possible to move and do physical exercises. Well while drinking coffee or lemon juice.If poisoning ┼Żabie poison should take charcoal with milk or butter.When sausage-poisoning help diluted with water, vinegar and slimy drink. When poisoning sausage, meat or fat, causing dizziness, pain in the stomach, nausea, rumbling in the stomach, vomiting, enlargement and immobility of the pupils, heart weakness, the patient should be given a glass of soapy water (no vomiting) and then the castor oil or other laxative. Furthermore, it should rub the body to the red, put a hot water bottle on her stomach and slowly giving into alcohol. If the patient is shivering, it must impose a heating pad or hot bottles and tuck the blankets, as well as to give to drink plenty of hot tea. While improving the state through the day can be given to the mucous soups from flax seed or rice.
When poisoning with iodine dissolved in water use starch paste, slimy drink.For poisoning with carbolic acid or sulfuric acid, accompanied by severe pain in the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines, severe vomiting, dizziness, fainting, you should give kakmozhno drink more fluids: water, milk, an aqueous solution of magnesium, to give a lot of syrk eggs and put the enema. Wash the stomach in such cases it is impossible, so do not give any emetics. When the acute pain will pass, wrap the patient warm and give the drink a decoction of linseed or barley cereals or warm tea with honey.If poisoning alum help soapy water or sugar water.To neutralize the poison with honey to drink coffee or tea.Poisoning vinegar causes a burning pain in the throat and stomach, very thirsty, and diarrhea. Need to drink milk, broths from barley grains, rice, flax seed, lime water, magnesia (1 tablespoon. L. 2cup water). At the same time you can put ice packs on his neck and drink cold waterChloroform poisoning can cause nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, drowsiness. In this case, you must give aphrodisiacs: strong coffee, wine, smell the ammonia, poured cold water on his head.If poisoning bleached juice helps Leonurus, mixed with boiled wine.