Sexually transmitted diseases, treatment of the popular methods

General recipes

* The sexually transmitted diseases should drink a decoction of burdock root. Brew 1 cup boiling water 1 tbsp. l. root, keep on low heat for 20 minutes. and strain. Drink 1 tbsp. l. 3-4 times a day.* The sexually transmitted diseases to brew a cup of boiling water 1.5 Art. l. dry crushed grass yarutki field, real 4 hours in a sealed container and filter. Take 1 tsp. 4-5 times a day.* Water from flowers hips helps with sexually transmitted diseases.
Genital herpes, useful tips

* Twice a day, wash the affected genital area with water and baby soap. Drain off carefully, wet towel. Soothe itching can also use colloidal soap or bath composition on the basis of oatmeal.
* Reduce the activity of the virus and affect the recovery will help the hot tub.* For soaking the affected area can use the "hip bath". This device, which can be purchased at some pharmacies, is fixed above the toilet.* To remove the inflammation and reducing the itch to make ice on the genital area for 5-10 minutes.* During the disease wear loose underwear made from natural materials, so as not to irritate the inflamed area.* To reduce pain: douche with lukewarm water genital area after urination.
Gonorrhea, useful tips

* Take your prescription medication.* To avoid re-infection of your sexual partner also has to be treated.* Take hot baths of decoction of rhizomes of calamus. Infusion made from the rate of 1 liter of boiling water for 30 g of rhizomes, to insist 1 h.
Syphilis, useful tips
* Avoid sexual contact with persons, health and lifestyle that you do not know.* Rubber condoms can limit the spread of sexually transmitted diseases if used properly and carefully for each act of intercourse. But they do not fully exclude the danger of infection.* Additional protection can provide spermicidal foams, jellies and creams (especially those containing "Nonoxynol-9, as well as the diaphragm, which are used along with condoms.* Do not use oil-based lubricants (like Vaseline) to prevent damage to rubber condom.* Do not engage in sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol, except in a monogamous pair, where neither partner is infected with venereal disease.* Avoid sexual intercourse if one partner has signs and symptoms of genital infection.* Wash your genitals with soap and water before and after intercourse.* When syphilis brew 0.8 liters of boiling water 20 g of dry ground rhizomes of sedge sand, warm over a low heat until, until there is half the broth, insist 2 hours and strain. Drink 1 / 4 cup 4 times a day.

* Garlic is recommended as a tool in the treatment protivoparaziticheskoe trihomonadnyh diseases (garlic extract douching, tampons with garlic water). Infusion is prepared in the following way: to insist overnight in a glass of cold water, finely chopped 5.6 cloves of garlic, squeeze and strain in the morning.
* Juices cranberry, wild and dark skin cultivars of grapes, cranberries, bramble, raspberry, red beets, blueberries, black currants kill vaginal trichomonads.