Car Care and Storage

Car Care must be continuous and carried out, if you will, with love and zeal, no less than the thoroughbreds. At this point there are a few immutable commandments. Chief among them - under any circumstances, do not leave the car dirty. Do not skimp on the water, washing machine, do not try a bucket and a dirty brush, cloth or sponge to wash the whole car. It will not wash, scrape and cover the body with sand and dirt contained in the <detergent>. At the beginning of washing water, drench the outside of the body, especially the places where the dead insects stuck. When washing, use a soft brush and a sponge, constantly spraying the place with water washing to remove any dirt. The order of washing - from top to bottom. After washing, wipe the machine clean and soft cotton, and even better - a chamois. You should not wash and dry a car in the sun. This ensures you wash the dusty strips and spots on the body.

Washed the car to preserve washable preservatives that contain synthetic waxes. Such preservatives are effective in protecting the paint. However, this operation also can not carry out in the sun. The car is treated with preservative immediately after washing, when her body is still wet.
Wiping the glass and wiper are also undergoing a soft, clean cloth and lukewarm water, alcohol, ammonia or special windshield wipers.

Constantly watch over the purity of seat upholstery. Remove dust vacuumed, traces of grease and oil - gasoline or stain remover. If heavily soiled, the same chair covers, use dry-cleaning.
And always watch out for pockets of corrosion, to deter her <metallozhorstvo> mop up, touch-up, grease the affected areas. Pay special attention to the places where the accumulated dirt, and therefore born and corrosion. Clean them of dirt, corrosion treat drug type <rust converter>, cover the soil, paint and mastics. They are now a great many, it's - epoxy-rubber mastic, mastic asphalt on the basics, liquid preservatives. If pockets of corrosion hit the body, can become a problem of its cleaning and new paint.

And now the long-term storage car. Parking lot for cars in the snow, rain, sun - it was her doom to certain death. Of course, it is best to store it in a metal garage-box. But this is not the best option. For a <Iron> dress the same winter cold, summer heat is the same. A stationary garage not everyone can afford. For all that room, which houses your <a steel horse> should be dry, well ventilated, darkened and the temperature it should not fall below 5 ° C. At this temperature can be left in the car and the battery, and radio. At lower temperatures, they must be removed and stored elsewhere.

But if the machine hibernates in an open area, then <put on> it at least in the case, but so that it does not snugly to the body painted surfaces. To avoid damage to the enamel will lay between the body and cover, soft (for example, of felt, flannel, foam) pad thickness of 1.5 - 2 cm
Before long-term storage car thoroughly washed, cleaned of dirt, colored with the damaged areas of enamel, is applied to the body of a preservative. The engine <finalizing> fuel, then turn inside candle into each cylinder is filled to 25 - 30 g of motor oil and crank crank 3-5 times, and then again put the candles in place. In addition, you must close with a cloth or oiled paper opening filter air intakes, exhaust pipes, vent pipes fuel tank. It is desirable to cover the engine with oiled paper, film or sheeting, clean and wipe all the wiring and the car put on the stand so that its wheels do not touch the floor or ground. Stands should be put under special brackets next to the jack sockets. It should also reduce the pressure in the tires up to 0.5 kg/cm2. Do not forget to lubricate the driver's instrument. And the last act - cover car cover for the next riding season.

But do not forget to go and preserved in the car. Every two months and remove the spark, including the fourth speed, make 3-4 turns the front wheel again, replace the candle. It is necessary to rotate the steering wheel and of 1-1.5 Traffic in each direction, to work the pedals, hand brake, a few times to squeeze the clutch pedal.