Veniks Broom of Canadian oak

The best oak broom - broom from a Canadian oak. This tree - crossed with oak maple. Therefore, similar to maple leaves. Canadian oak bud as something to be created for the manufacture of brooms. His smooth and long branches and large leaves, which reach the size of 20 centimeters.

Canadian oak, oak, and as rich in tannins, essential oils and vitamins. Canadian oak flavor is stronger than oak simple. Broom of the Canadian oak shows people with oily skin - it makes it dull and elastic, anti-inflammatory effect. The aroma of oak inhibits high blood pressure while in the steam room, calms the nervous system, relieves stress. Therefore, all lovers of Russian bath, prone to hypertension, should enjoy it oak twigs. It calms the nervous system after intense jogging, physical and mental stress. In ancient times, tribes have tried to settle rusichej only in oak - the people there were recruited strength and health.

In addition, the broom of Canadian oak has all the advantages of maple. It contains both tannin, and ascorbic acid. Such a good broom absorbs sweat, pulls himself to toxins and wastes from the skin. The infusion and decoction of the leaves Canadian oak has analgesic, anti-inflammatory action. Canadian oak - the perfect tonic, sposobstvueschee healing.

This is the most durable and lightweight broom. In another, some call it winter, because it does not reset the long leaves for the winter. This broom can be used up to ten baths without loss of quality. When steaming the leaves get a bit sticky and slippery. Broom of kanadskova soft and gentle oak.