The basic principles of training Russian bodybuilders

 In this article, I will demonstrate the basic principles of training Russian bodybuilders in 80 years of the last century
1. Coaching is not a good time with the performance of the approaches in between conversations about girls and football. If you walk into a room with such a mood, better sit at home, do not take place. This bodybuilding - men's work is hard, it's a pain, it's sweat, it's corn ... so much more. If you want to really change your body - do not waste money on a ticket and Gold's Gym and similar institutions: the abundance of trainers and there the get-together just confusing. To get started training room easier, where people go to really train, not talk "for life." General attitude to the "Qual" great stimulating.
Contrary to the popular belief that "pump" - is an individual matter, it is better to start practicing with a partner, having approximately equal to your physical condition. By performing the same exercises in the same way, you will try to "not give in" to each other. The spirit of "healthy competitiveness" never puts: progress one does not give the other to engage in "slipshod" ... Before you start to "compete with themselves," must learn to compete with someone tangible: it helps to develop the habit of not feeling sorry for myself in training.
3. The first two or three years of study (and maybe more) should be devoted exclusively muscle gain. Topics of "form" and "relief" should be lifted only when there is proper that the "shape" and "relief". Incised bicep to the bone in 38 cm is not worth the effort.
4. "Masses" and the strength of the muscles grow only basic exercises with a barbell or dumbbells. Forget about the existence of isolation exercises and exercise machines as long as you reach sufficient volumes.
5. Muscle growth is proportional to the increase in weight lifted weights, different - from the evil one. Some are not big manipulating volume and intensity of training can support the progression of the balance without any special magic for two to three years.
All the details are set out below in the "system". There is no point in looking for workarounds (except for increasing use of burdens) ways or experimenting with hormonal therapy as long as you have not reached the "ceiling", tempered by nature to all of you: 2.5-3 years of growth "dry running" - it's real.
6. So that the muscles are able to raise larger and larger weight, they should have time to recover between workouts. Therefore, growth does not have to do it more often than every other day. Optimally - three times a week.
7. The first time, it should work out the whole body in one workout, since the working weight is not so great. In the future, with increasing burdens lifted possible (but not required!) Transition to "split" - diversity of exercises for different muscle groups on different days of training. However, because the muscles in varying degrees are antagonists synergists or stabilizers with respect to each other, when working at "mass" using split also better training programs through the day.
As for the time of transition to a possible split, we can distinguish two landmark: time - around one and a half years from the start of classes, and power - by the time the athlete should be able to shake lying burdening equal to half their own body weights, reps and 6 sit down with the same weights 15 times. If the athlete is fully adheres to the recommendations of the "system", these two points with him, as a rule, should be the same (repeat once again all this has been repeatedly tested in practice).
8. When working on the "weight" of exercise per muscle group should be limited - one or two. A greater amount of exercise prevents focus on increasing the weights lifted, and for the body's reserves "bezdopingovogo" athlete turns bust.
9. The total workout and should not be excessive, but when doing a day temptation "progruz" bigger necessarily arise. The volume is not a static thing, respectively, depending on how you feel it can change in one direction or another.
But 30 - 40 sets per exercise - is the limit. Being in a room for over 2 hours does not bring much benefit.
10. Except for "introductory" course, and of course warm-up approaches that seek to work "to failure" in each set of each exercise. "Plant" themselves psychologically before each approach to the projectile. Let every workout is a small victory over himself.
11. The next day after a workout your muscles have to "hurt", which is an indication that you are "progruz" as necessary. Classical for pain - no gain (no pain - no growth). The prolonged absence of pain in the targeted muscle suggests that training is something wrong.
12.Around the issue of food bodybuilder now piled so much that it is time to grab his head. Wherever you spit - all solid "discovery." One of only August 2000 issue of "Power and Beauty" is worth, advising eat all the day's worth of protein one (!) Welcome...
Terms of supply for the athlete, whose experience of employment is low, you can accommodate only three items:
a) there is "everything and more" leaning naturally to protein foods (meat, fish, dairy products) and complex carbohydrates) all kinds of porridge);
b) there is so much to never feel hunger;
c) If, despite vigorous exercise, your weight is not growing, then you are eating too little, and your diet should be increased.
The first two years of study any special dietary restrictions should not enter, but it's best not to cross certain reasonable limits: your task is not to look like a pink-cheeked pig before slaughter ... At the same time, let me incinerate lightning theorists bodybuilding, but I would argue that without the use of growth hormone and steroids NOT significantly increase muscle and gain fat at the same time. Bede in particular not in the figurative expression of one of the coaches, "much easier to carve a sculpture of large boulders, than small."
Another aspect of the power supply is that if you suddenly start to eat much at once, you do not need it, than more frequent visits to the toilet, not lead. The volume of the diet (similar weights burdens) should be increased gradually, giving the body time "vrabotatsya."
Not a bad option menu for a weight of bodybuilding technique, published in the late 80's. Expected passage of several successive stages.
Stage I:
1st Breakfast: 2 eggs, 100 grams of meat, poultry or fish,
200 g (1 cup) of milk, 1 slice of bread
(All - about 50 g of protein);
2nd breakfast: a plate of oatmeal or buckwheat porridge,
200 g of milk or juice (15-20 g protein);
Dinner: 200 grams of chicken broth, 100 g of meat, poultry
or fish, 1-2 pieces of black bread (42-45 g of protein);
afternoon snack: 100-150 grams of cottage cheese, 1-2 tablespoons
honey, 1 slice of bread (20 g of protein);
Dinner: 200 grams of meat, fish or poultry, baked
Potatoes (2-3 pcs.) with butter or sour cream, 100 g
lettuce (42-45 g protein).
I stage lasts three weeks. If your weight has not increased, move on to the next stage.
Stage II:
1st Breakfast: 2 eggs, 100 grams of meat, poultry or fish, 200 g of milk, 2 slices of bread with butter (55 g of protein);
2nd breakfast: a plate of oatmeal or buckwheat porridge,
200 g of milk, shortbread (without cream) cake (15-20 g
Dinner: 200 grams of meat, poultry or fish, 2 pieces of black
bread, 200 grams of chicken broth, 100-150 g of cooked
beans, fresh fruit (71-72 grams of protein);
afternoon snack: 100-150 grams of cottage cheese, 1-2 tablespoons
honey, 1 slice of bread (20 g of protein);
Dinner: 200 grams of meat, baked or boiled potatoes
(2-3 pcs.), A salad of vegetables 100-120 g (59 g protein).
Stage II begins and continues for as long as is weight gain. Then, if you stabilize the weight, the new menu.
Stage III:
1st B 2 eggs, 100 g of fish, 200 g of milk,
2 slices of bread, a plate of porridge (55-60 g of protein);
2nd breakfast: 100-150 g of cooked beans,
100 g of cottage cheese, fruit (20-25 g of protein);
Dinner: 200 grams of chicken broth, 200 g of meat,
poultry or fish, 2 slices of bread with butter,
200-300 g of milk (74 g protein);
Lunch: 200 g of cottage cheese, 1-2 tablespoons honey
fruit, raisin, shortbread cake (30 g of protein);
200 g milk (60-63 g protein).

Regarding supplementation, it seems to me, the value of their admission greatly exaggerated. Hands in the 50 cm I've seen more than once in ten years before these same additives appeared in stores in Russia. Do not be fooled by advertisements and do not ship on a dozen different names. One protein-carbohydrate mixture in the beginning is enough.
Most importantly - do not lose sight of that, even the most sverhprodumanny training fails without adequate nutrition.
13. It may well be that the reason for the weak or no growth "is insufficient rest outside the hall. At night, sleep at least 8-9 hours and, if possible, it would be nice to take a nap for an hour in the afternoon.
Reduce to a minimum, and if the "mass" does not grow well, if not entirely exclude other types of physical activity. The same recommendation applies to the fullest and to sexuality. "Workaholic", making five "approaches" for the night, it is unlikely to be able to fully engage in the following day.
One of the benefits for the students of the Institute of Physical Education I sunk into the soul quote: "The combination of opposite nature gives loads of unspoken average result" (about the prospects of combining bodybuilding and martial arts see Chapter 13).
14. Overtraining - bane of most athletes. It is usually a result of excessive enthusiasm (see paragraphs 6, 8 and 9). To avoid overtraining, always carefully track their health. Appetite was gone, there were insomnia, nervousness, very long time, "do not grow" results, "melts" interest in lessons - all these are clear symptoms of busting. In such cases, action must be taken immediately: 1-2 weeks cut exactly half the number of running per workout approaches, working with, only in the style of "pampas" - at least 12-15 reps, and "not to failure." The next two weeks - work in "regular" reps, but still with a half of training. Then, for two weeks out on normal activities.
In cases of overtraining has a deep meaning for a month to abstain from classes with "iron" by switching to any other kind of aerobic exercise persuasion - swimming, slow running, etc. Then again return to the classroom with the weights, very slowly increasing the volume and intensity, and not forgetting the control of health.
15. Not once, not twice saw the start of classes coincides with the start of steroid use. It is unreasonable in all respects. In no way do not count myself among the enemies of steroids, but all the time. The first 2.5-3 years body is able to grow well and without "chemistry." Steroid use makes sense only when you have already reached your genetic ceiling "dry running". In addition, the trained muscles get from steroids are much greater than if the muscles beginner. So start receiving steroids earlier than 2.5 - 3 years of hard training - just stupid (more about the "right" and safe taking steroids, see Chapter 10).
16. The main problem of present athletes - it's an excess of information and pluralism of opinions about the methods of "pumping". It is impossible not to agree with Robert Mak (I can not vouch for the accuracy of the quote): "You may not know the latest techniques and build big muscles, or be aware of all the new features, while remaining dystrophy." Therefore, like Professor of Transfiguration "Heart of a Dog", advised for better digestion not read Soviet newspapers, for the best set of the "masses" can be recommended to abstain at least a year and a half, from buying and reading the translations of bodybuilding magazines. Ignorance techniques POF, CBT, etc., in the first year of employment much more useful than the transformation of training in a discussion about them and endless abstruse experiments.
If you take should be described in the manual "system", please do not rush from side to side like some sort of object in the hole. And do the "system" does not change anything and it is not supplemented. The scope of possible variation will be detailed in the description of each complex. How to behave in case of neretrenirovannosti - see paragraph 14. In no case did not come out in favor of the format. At first we must be "dogmatic" - the output of "inventive" itching is better to look at other areas of life.
SUMMARY: due to genetic predisposition champions can be only one. But to improve the proportion significantly add muscle volume and drive away the excess fat under the force of each. The thing is perseverance and the right approach to training and recovery. And if having been occupied for more than 5 years (with the "drugs" or without them), you are still unable to shake lying 150 kg - do not tell anyone that you are a "swing", do not disgrace the idea. As it is not sad, but admit themselves that all this time has been spent on "masturbation" ...
Homo sapiens is distinguished from other individuals that by understanding the wrongness of any views and dogmas, he is able to reject them and start from scratch "(I do not accidentally drew the word" reasonable ", because quite seen enough individuals in a state of long-term chronic stagnation, but panicky afraid to change anything in his training as Yate (Coleman, Wheeler) is engaged in that way. Similarly, individuals of this book does not help - there need a psychiatrist).
One of the possible "new life" is offered to your attention. Just keep in mind that miracles do not happen and no one method will not make you Schwarzenegger for a couple of months. Soberly count your enthusiasm, tune in for the long regular work. Learn to enjoy the grueling workouts, get sick, "iron" ... Otherwise, do something else. Because without the perseverance, dedication and a certain fanaticism (in the good sense of the word) will not succeed.