How to lose weight quickly?

The most effective remedy for that would quickly lose weight - is to buy Meridia .
We must be realistic ! Nor any , even the most effective diet will not help you lose weight quickly . Diets you only torment yourself and lose weight even if , it is not a long time - until the first violation diet. Only modern medical advances in the field of pharmacology can really help you lose weight quickly .
The most powerful modern tool for quick weight loss - Meridia .
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how to lose weight quickly

The drug Meridia is a drug indicated for moderate weight loss and its long-term maintenance . Admission Meridia helps reduce the amount of food consumed by the occurrence of satiety .

Many people get fat from idleness , laziness and gluttony . I want to eat and eat much. It is clear that full meals harmony will not add , but people do not have the strength or time to influence their way of life. For such weak-willed patients German firm " Knoll AG" has developed a drug Meridia ( sibutramine ) .

In the brain, there are so -called " saturation point " on them and acts meridian . After taking the drug there is a feeling of constant fullness , do not want the night to catch an extra sandwich , passing by the kitchen , there is no desire to eat sweets or a piece of cake. Already in the first days of food intake may be reduced by half to three times , and accordingly, gradually begins to decrease weight . No need to argue : moderation in eating contributes to weight loss .

" Knoll AG" - a solid pharmaceutical company , its products undergo rigorous testing and are certified . For example, Meridia tried over 20,000 volunteers before the drug was approved for mass production. It is proved that its efficiency is 3-5 times higher than in the use of strict diet and exercise. Meridia helps to maintain the required long-term weight loss and prevent weight redial . Efficacy is 86 % by weight reduction of 5% and 54 % by weight reduction of more than 10 %.

how to lose weight quickly

how to lose weight quickly

In the photos above you can see the results of treatment Obestat (Obestat) (an exact analogue of sibutramine in their composition and action, but manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies - Cipla.

Carmela (Carmela Salyer) from Bristol, Tennessee dropped about 44 pounds using Obestat).

In addition to the main action to reduce and maintain the necessary long-term weight loss, when using the drug Meridia leads to normalization of serum triglycerides , lipoproteins , glucose , C- peptide , cholesterol , glycosylated hemoglobin , and uric acid. That is not surprising - the drug regulates food , eaten foods completely absorbed , and excess sugar and fat is not deposited in the body.

The idea to reduce the weight of the impact on the brain is not new. However, all previously invented drugs of this group called drug addiction and had a lot of side effects.
Contraindication meridians are severe liver and kidney damage , and some chronic diseases . You may need to adjust dose of the drug when taken with certain medications . But we must remember that Meridia - after all the medicine and not a food additive . It can not appoint themselves, but should be taken only on the advice of a doctor. Use: One capsule per day, regardless of the meal . The drug does not make sense to take at least 3 months. In severe cases, it is prescribed for continuous use . The cost of treatment - $ 100-150 per month.

Meridia - prolonged use of the drug . The initial dose , one capsule ( 10 mg) once a day. If during the first four weeks of weight loss is less than 2 kg, the dose can be increased to 15 mg per day. The drug is taken up to 3-6 months, over a long time ( to maintain weight ) . Meridia is usually well tolerated.

How does the drug Meridia ?

The drug Meridia acts physiologically on a specific area of the brain that controls the amount of food consumed. The drug acts in two ways: helps to increase satiety and simultaneously increases the power consumption by the body. By increasing satiety reduced food intake and decreases the desire to eat something sweet or a snack between meals. The increase in power consumption also makes a significant contribution to the maintenance of a reduced body weight for a long time.

How to use the drug Meridia ?

The drug Meridia works gradually. Short- taking the drug Meridia for a few days is not effective enough . The initial dose of one capsule preparation Meridia (10 mg) once a day. During the first month of treatment, your body weight should be reduced by approximately 2 kg. If your body weight reduction is less than 2 kg for the first four weeks of treatment , the dose may be increased to a capsule formulation Meridia (15 mg ) once a day. In the case of regular use of the drug Meridia your body weight will decrease the maximum for 3 - 6 months, with continued treatment will be maintained for a long time at this level.

What side effects may occur while taking the drug Meridia ?

Meridia well tolerated , including long-term use , and serious side effects cause . Clinical experience with more than three million patients worldwide confirmed that the drug Meridia safe and well tolerated. Side effects are mild and temporary, usually do not require discontinuation of treatment . However , the manufacturer warns of possible individual reactions : if you have a dry mouth , loss of appetite, sleeplessness , and stool retention , increased blood pressure by 3.1 mm Hg, increased heart rate by 3-7 beats per minute , nausea, aggravation of hemorrhoids, headaches , dizziness , paresthesias , a sense of anxiety, sweating , taste disturbance . These side effects are temporary and do not require discontinuation of therapy . Therefore, when taking the drug Meridia should monitor these indicators .


Contraindication to the drug are:

hypersensitivity to the drug ;
anorexia nervosa , bulimia nervosa ;
concomitant use of monoamine oxidase inhibitors ;
coronary artery disease , heart failure, congenital heart disease, peripheral arterial occlusive disease ;
tachycardia , arrhythmias;
stroke ;
hypertension ;
hyperthyroidism ;
hepatic failure , renal failure;
adenoma of the prostate ( with the formation of residual urine ) ;
pheochromocytoma ; glaucoma ;
drug and alcohol dependency ;
pregnancy , lactation ;
children's age ( 18 years) , older age .
with caution - epilepsy, motor and verbal tic (involuntary muscle contractions , impaired articulation) .

How can I increase the effectiveness of treatment?

10-20-30 formula for success :
when using 10 mg sibutramine once a day by 20% decreases the amount of food consumed. 30 minute daily physical activity increases the effects of the drug ( three 10 minute walks ) .

Is there any analogues in Meridia ?

Meridia - is the trademark ( of Knoll), which is available only under the active principle of the drug - a substance called sibutramine . Sibutramine is available and other foreign pharmaceutical companies under the trademarks Obestat ( Obestat ) famous pharmaceutical company Cipla, Reductil ( Reductil ), Sibutrex ( Sibutreks ), Sibutrim ( Sibutrim ), Slenfig-work , etc. Often these drugs are significantly cheaper Meridia with the same efficiency as the preparations are absolutely identical.
These drugs have become increasingly popular in the international market because of its cheapness . This is easily seen , giving in any Western search engine in the Internet as a keyword name of the active drug substance of this group of drugs - Sibutramine.

Meridia (sibutramine) - general summary

a gradual decrease in weight tela 5-10% and reduced long-term maintenance of weight loss, which is 3 -5 times more efficient than strict diets and physical activity
the efficacy and safety proven by numerous clinical studies more than 20,000 patients
tolerability proved successful application of more than 3 million patients, to reduce the weight tela
convenience reception - 1 capsule 1 time per day
registered in the United States, Germany, Switzerland and many other countries around the world (26 countries).