April 12 (March 30 Old Style)

Ivan Ladder. Troubles with the goblins. On this day, they baked cookies in the village ritual - "ladder". Laid out the test two Katyshev suprotiv each other. And laid across a nut. Roll out the dough nut, too. Who in the family was old and small mother baked his "ladder". To everyone grew up in his health. The average start date thrust woodcocks. If the thrust suddenly stops - expect an early cold snap or snow.Many feared that day and evening walk around the yard, because houses in those days frantic and did not know their home is ready to crush your house. Some say that the houses of the old skin coming off, so it hurts. Other explain: no, the witch house wants to get married. Whatever it was, but the house raged and Courage to the first roosters, but because the sun sets peasants locked all livestock and poultry, and themselves were afraid to even go to the window, waiting impatiently for the dawn.Brownies - a perfume - the keepers of houses, the personification of souls of dead ancestors, fathers, and why they granted the epithet grandfather - "Grandfather homes." Brownie is in every home, most often live under or behind the stove, sometimes in a bath or a barn. According to popular belief, the whole house was overgrown with thick hair and a soft down, even the palms and soles in his hair, only her face near the eyes and nose "naked". His hairy soles are marked on the snow in winter, and palm house at night, stroking the carotid and the feel of wool as his arm.