13 April (March 31 Old Style)

Hypatius. Hypatius Miracle Worker is revered by the people resolver neplodstva and childlessness. And that he prayed to expel demons and goblins, which are particularly "disagree" on this day. Happens, the house comes at night to a sleeping person and bore down on his chest, so that it becomes hard to breathe: it is to change the life of man.
Neboyazlivye people at that time he was asked: "For better or worse?" - and he says the truth. This happens before the great misfortune or happiness, and before his death, members of the household. Sometimes the house groaning in hiding, he asked: "For better or worse?" - if fortunately, it will cease to moan. In addition, it happens that after the death of people, especially loved ones, he is in hiding crying like a baby. See the shows - unfortunately. Sighs of houses - to the death of the owner.