April 16 (April 3, Old Style)

Nikita Vodopol. Treating the Water. Holiday anglers. Bottled river. Water wakes up from hibernation. Bottled water hollow. Here are the peasants and bring a water spirit - who have bread crust who millet porridge, someone from chicken giblets. All the same - need a leg-up and the creatures that deep in the river rise in the spring take. Fishermen give treats water, pouring oil into the river, saying: "Here you are, Grandpa, gifts for housewarming. Love da zhaluy our family." If the ice does not go that day, then fish fishing will be the worst.With this begins the rapid melting of snow and the river rushing with might and main, naskakivaya each other, the ice floe. A lot of trouble bringing people to spring flooding. Leaves the river overflowed its banks - and there could be admonished: of fast water sweeping away everything that comes her way. It is therefore particularly important to know in advance what will happen to a man in the spring. Russian peasant could determine the height of the flood for a variety of signs - for example, the height sandpiper nest or krotinym "trenches." Mole will never dig below the borders of a future flood. Before the flooding of low lying areas fleeing mouse.Anglers note: if the ice does not take place that day, then fish fishing will be the worst.Water, according to Russian peasants lived everywhere, but more in the deep places, and pool. It was believed that water in the winter sleep, but in the spring, just a day Nikita, wake up hungry and angry. Then the king of water absolutely had to cajole a specially fed the horse, which sacrificed. But it was in old times. In the XIX century the horse was replaced with breadcrumbs.What kind of have the water - is unknown. Water - the same traits, the flying from the sky can take on different kinds of what he only wants, but most often appears in the form of extraordinary size of fish. However, in 1874, was issued a one-unity different description of the "water rights" and, if not the water, so surely his cousin: "If, say, caught a man, and it is impossible to catch because he was at least some network tail cuts his, he had a drink. So, tell us how to catch, so he spent three days in a tub lived. Sits, hunched, his eyes bugged, and so carefully watching the same person, only in scales and a tail and fins on the breast like a fish. As released in the sea - so he then dives, then emerges, and palm strikes, and gogochet just does not say. "Water flushes the people who have forgotten God, while bathing or when moving across a river. In Russia in the river to bathe without fear of cervical cross and in the evening after sunset.Many superstitious fishermen came to the midnight snack goodies water grandfather. It treats the water going their way. Buy from Roma the most worthless horse, without haggling, exactly three days. During these three days, they are trying to fatten her bread and hemp cake. On the last evening smear of a horse's head with honey and salt, a mane weave a lot of red tape, feet confuses ropes around his neck impose two old millstones. Precisely at midnight, go to a river. If all the ice has not passed, then the related horse lowered through the hole, but if the river clear of ice, then themselves, sitting on the boat, trying to drown a horse midst of a river. While the eldest of the fishermen is on the banks of the river, listening to the water and gives a sign to others when you can drown a horse. Big Chill is for the fishermen, if the water does not want to treat it, or moved to another farm. According to their observations, the water all winter is in the water and slept soundly. April 1, he wakes up hungry and angry. With anger and hunger, he breaks the ice, small fish are tortured to death, and yourself great escape in the other rivers. When fishermen appease his good gifts, horse, he humbles himself, guards the fish, luring to his big fish from other rivers, rescues fishermen from the storm and the sinking, no tears seines and fantasies. During his anger and hunger water for three days waiting for the gifts, and if the fishermen do not ripen to bring, it, on the extermination of the fish removed to a neighboring farm. The desire to get the fairing of water known by the strong fluctuation of water and a deaf Underground moaning. When giving treats the water, then the senior fisherman, pouring oil into the river, said: "That's you, grandpa, gifts for housewarming. Love da zhaluy our family. "