April 17 (April 4, Old Style)

Joseph Pesnopevets. Bride alder. On this day, go outside, addressed to cranes as fighting against evil, the defenders. If cricket is crying - time to plow under the rye. Went to look for the village, as alder blossoms. Alder - birch relatives. Alder grows in moist meadows, along river banks. Blooming, glowing yellow, the flowers of alder in the spring early. Alder catkins flowers called alder. By the autumn flowers grow Zamesto minor bumps. They turn black, and collect them for future use.On this day, began to sing, squeak cricket, and a crane for the first time to cast the votes. After the arrival of cranes come true spring. On them said: "First swallow - not yet spring, but this spring brought on the wings of a crane."On this day came to watch as flourishing alder. Alder is often done log for the wells, so the bride carried alder, trunk to live well "Search.On alder catkins are many - to harvest oats and lots of cones - to harvest barley.At olshnyake boss (kidney) - the yield on oats.Coley birch to alder leaf dissolve, then summer will be dry, if alder in advance - wet.Alder - early bee plant. Pollen from alder, mixed with sugar and honey, spring fed bees. With the therapeutic use to inflorescence - alder cones astringent astringent taste, and the bark of young twigs and leaves. Cones are harvested in late autumn and winter until early March. You can harvest the bark in winter and spring, and leaves - in May and June. In the cones, and bark have a lot of tanning and other beneficial substances in the inflorescenceslittle moisture and they quickly dry out in warm rooms.Broths and extracts from cones and young alder bark are astringent, anti-inflammatory, krovoostanavlivayusche. Prescribe them to treat acute and chronic inflammation of the intestine. Colds, acute respiratory infections, joint pains prescribed dry bath of fresh leaves. Decoction of the cones, bark or young leaves rinse the throat with tonsillitis, stomatitis, and to strengthen the gums. The aqueous extract is made from one tablespoon of cones in a glass of boiled water. Drink a quarter cup of three to four times daily before meals.