April 19 (April 6, Old Style)

Eutychus and Erema. Eutychus Pacific. On this day the judge about the harvest of grain. If Eutyches quiet - to the harvest of early crops, and when the wind hits Eutychus - ear knock. At Eutyches apple blossom.Apple has always been a symbol of Russian folklore maiden beauty and innocence. In the wedding songs with apple tree is often compared to a bride.
Erema - span yaritsya the wind storm - not this early yarovitsi: seeds do not gather.Ha Eutyches usually about the harvest of peas conjecture. If a quiet day issued, and the night was stellar, it was possible not to worry: the more-than, and peas on the farm all happy stay. Here are just linger on the street is not worth it: "Do not count the stars, but looking at his feet; not find anything, so at least not fall." This label is a saying among the people lived from the time of the king-peas, when the fellows was a pipsqueak. Was the legendary ruler of mythical figures, embodying in their way of immemorial antiquity.But the king himself and his fairy-tale kingdom sank into oblivion, and peas, which he does, he turns green and is now currently in the fields and orchards, pouring the juices from land, small children to entertain, to the delight of the housewife. And the echo of the olden time immemorial lived in the people the signs and practices associated with it.They say a pod of twelve peas brings fortune and prosperity, as if to throw it in the cart, you can stop a horse on the run. Sprinkle peas - to the swift tears, there's two of us from the same pod - a quarrel. In the house where the night wandering hungry crying soul (ghost), we must throw peas at the corners or put it in the oven, everything will calm down immediately. Eruption, blisters, warts disappear, if you touch them a pea, and then burn it in the oven.But even if everything that we told you now, can be classified as "grandma's tales", in pea still remains empty one, but the main thing and a very important quality - taste it, and all the long!