April 20 (April 7, old style)

George confessor. Akulina. Hard frost and the sun - to harvest corn and buckwheat. At Akulina to notice the weather. Said: "If Akulina rain - bad spring and a good snowball. " If the stars in the sky a lot, there will be a lot of mushrooms and berries. But here's the stars that you can watch, just being on the street, and through the window at the stars, look not to "recommend" - not good it was. And in that day, according to popular belief, mermaids wake up those who need to bring clothes, because it's cold it be naked on the shore. Therefore, in Akulinin day the women brought to the shore of rivers and lakes dresses and canvas, and left there for mermaids.
To protect themselves from the mermaids must take into the woods bunch of wormwood. Meet a mermaid, would laugh and ask: "What have you got - tarragon or parsley?" We must immediately call out: "Wormwood" "" Underneath the fence! "- meets a mermaid and disappears. If the same response: "Petrushka" - salvation will not be. "Oh, my darling!" - will be glad Water Maid and zaschekochet to death.