April 22 (April 9, Old Style)

Evpsihiya day. Vadim housekeeper. Vadim - open the door springs. On this day, went to the sources, clean them, saying: "The underground water that unlocks your path springtime!" - and then lovingly took out the water, washed and drunk - on health.
On this day, wondered at the sources of life and death of patients or just close friends. When were the key to fetch water, no one spoke. Who will get to meet, did not need anything to ask and not to tell. How come the key, they prayed to the four corners, and thought: for a living or dead? If a person is a long life - water costs as glass, light. If the patient zhdest quick death - clues to score, zaburlyat.
To dial from the key of healing on this day a little water, scooping the water, saying: "King of the water, the king of earth, water queen, queen of earthy, give me some water to good health"Begins pasture cattle in the field.