GAZ-M1 phaeton (USSR)

The famous "Emka (GAZ-M1) is the second generation of GAZ. Before the beginning of World War II in the various headquarters and logistic facilities of the Red Army used more than 10,500 cars GAZ-M1. GAZ-M1 had good performance characteristics. On the highway, he speeds up to 105 km / h, to disperse from their seats to 80 km / h, he needed 24 seconds. The average operational fuel consumption is 14.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Despite the fact that the gas-M1 was created as a civilian model, his cross on dirt roads was high enough, thereby creating its chassis BA-20.Avtomobil GAZ-M1 was produced until 1943. In total 62,888 cars were produced of this type, most of which were used by the Red Army until the end of the war.Based on GAZ-M1 was developed many modifications "Emok. For example, a pickup truck GAZ-M-415 could carry up to 400 kg of cargo. Since 1938, there were "Emka GAZ-11-73 with a 6-cylinder engine cylinder capacity 3,485 cc and 76 l capacity. with. On the basis of GAZ-11-73 was made "Emka GAZ-11-40 with a body such as the phaeton.Five-seater rear-drive four-door sedan produced by GAZ M1 "Gorky plant" from 1935 to 1942. Modernized version of the model plant produced in 1945-1948. Gaz become a follower of the M1 model GAZ M20 "Pobeda". GAZ M1 with all-metal body is the most famous and popular car pre-war Soviet era. The prototype car was Ford Model B in 1934 with the release of 4-cylinder engine. In the process of adaptation to domestic conditions of exploitation GAS M1 has a powerful frame, suspension with longitudinal leaf springs, forged alloy wheels. The machine features a quality finish to the interior upholstery woolen cloth. GAZ M1 Offered in a taxi, a pickup version with a body, in a racing complete with armored body.