April 24 (April 11 Old Style)

Day Antipas. Antip flood, Vodopol, Vodogon, Flood. "Antip water dissolved. By Antipova water on bread guess. If water is not opened, then the late spring and summer would stay bad. "Antip without water - without grain bins.Holy Antipov popularly called another healer teeth. When the peasants had a toothache, they never pulled out any of them, but only laid on him a fine silver coin was kept for a while, then pulled out and made a hole in it. After that coin on a string to hang on the icon of the saint Antipov. Teeth, was believed, had to stop to hurt very quickly.Saint Antipas is called in the people and Vodogonom Vodopolom - flooding is continuing. They say: "Antipas Vodopol river cleans the ice, because the rivers have almost no ice. On this day, to notice the weather. Opening of the river to this day promises a good harvest, prosperity summer. Later, an autopsy has always promised to bad. But if Antipas was going to rain, then lots will be fungi. And if you suddenly freeze hit, then they portend a great "harvest" on mushrooms. On this day, the peasants have never performed work on sowing and planting - thought the day for planting seeds so unfavorable.