April 7 (March 25 Old Style)

Annunciation. Annunciation. Spring winter overcame. The third meeting of the spring. Babi holiday. On this day, the girls braid weave, do not sit under the smoke. Anything not supposed to start. Birds build their nests are not as satisfied with bird colonies. Celebration of Birds - Birds will give. Redeem birds at the bird hunter and released from the cell. It is believed that the bird will become an intercessor, the Primate of God on their liberator.On the Annunciation to notice: how will give summer -Good turn deserves another day - and the summer will be red and generous.Sun from morning till night - there is nothing to grieve about the spring: the good news - is what to eat.On the Annunciation of the rain is born rye.What is the Annunciation to snuff, so is the whole year.If it starts raining, then the year will be a mushroom, and anglers are hoping for a good catch of fish.Wet Annunciation - mushroom summer.On the Annunciation of a good catch of fish.On the Annunciation of frost - the yield on mushrooms.At the Annunciation storm - a warm summer, to harvest the nuts.At the Annunciation, sunny day - the wheat grew, and if the little stars in the sky, the eggs will be small.Number on the Annunciation snow on roofs lies, then Yegor (May 6) is still in the fields, the field will not go away.Wet Annunciation - the warm summer and harvest the nuts.Red-letter day on the Annunciation determines crop milk mushrooms and other fungi is likely to be rainy season in early summer.If the day is red, then the spring will be red, the bucket will be.If the sky is cloudless and bright sun - to be the fly terrible.What day is, so is the end of the month.If the wind, frost and fog - a fruitful year.If the wind chill - it's a cool summer, and if the wind is warm, a southern - and then summer will be warm.Cover is not summer, and the Annunciation - not winter.If there is snow on the roof, so it will be a month later in a field.If the wind, frost and fog - a fruitful year.If there is snow on the roof, so it will be a month later in a field.The first mushrooms grow on the hill - to the summer rains, have settled in a hollow - to the land.If the Annunciation of the cold - wait forty frost in the morning. If a frost - a yield of spring, will be a lot of cucumbers.Zazheltela coltsfoot, alder blossom - a morel.Morel growth coincides with the onset of flowering lungwort.If the first mushrooms grow on the hill - to the summer rains, have settled in a hollow - to the land.If the cold, cold - expect a red-hot matinees forty, forty-frost in the morning.If Annunciation without swallow the remaining days of spring will be cold.From seeds, selected at the Annunciation, grow a cabbage, which does not beat the frost.Chernoguzov flies, brown bears from their dens rises.Cranes fly high - to bad weather.On the flight of cranes good fishing.Crane flies to us from the sea - has lowered our grief.Arrival cracks (kryakovyh ducks) and shorebirds - for a quick heat.Until melted snow is not wet side, the bear did not jump out of their dens. The first mosquitoes, worms, and morels. Goosebumps (ants) come alive. Out of the norm badgers and raccoons from decaying stumps - hedgehogs, from the piles - wood ants.The Annunciation - an important date for the farmer. From this day begins the spring - field works. Beginning of flowering aspen - the best planting dates of early beets and carrots.
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