Folk methods and recipes Slimming

Traditional medicine also offers recipes, diet and weight loss methods, and often lose the popular methods, and more easily, and tastes better than a hard diet.What good folk recipes for weight loss? Primarily to the fact that people's diets, and fees are constructed as comfortable as possible for a person. Of course, to lose weight in a day or a week with people's ways are unlikely, however, this is the case, when you lose weight properly. That's right - it means to restore your metabolism, remove toxins and fat, but not incomprehensible to drive water pills. And the return of weight with proper approach to weight loss popular methods you are not threatened. Not by chance recently to traditional medicine, slimming folk methods such demand - people began to understand what is good and what is bad, which is useful, it is not. Here are some famous people recipes to lose weight.More often overweight recruited due to improper metabolism, in this case, the body requires to restore normal metabolism and cleanse itself of harmful accumulations. So help him lose weight simple folk way - boiled pumpkin. For the manufacture of jams, "harmony" you will need:- 3 kg of pumpkin;- 2 oranges;- 1 lemon;- Sugar.Recipe: pumpkin first purified from the skin and inner flesh must be cut into slices, then add the oranges and lemon with zest. After that, mix with sugar to taste and cook in 2 divided doses over a slow fire. Get very sweet diet to lose weight, not otorveshsya.But the People's recipe collection of herbs that will help you lose weight. He focuses primarily on the cleansing of the body, which is correct (in parenthesis indicate the number of parts):- Buckthorn bark (3);- Coriander (3);- Licorice root naked;- Senna leaf (4);- Herb Polygonum pepper (2);- Grass violet tricolor (2);- Bearberry leaf (2).This set of herbs to brew in the evening in a thermos ratio: 1 tbsp mixture of a glass of boiling water. In the morning drain and drink. So you need to do for 4 weeks.Traditional healers knew that the increasing effect of weight loss herbal baths, which increase metabolism. For them, need the following collection:- Buckthorn bark (3);- Grass violet tricolor (3);- Licorice root naked (2);- Couch grass rhizome (2);- Herb Polygonum pepper (2).1 liter of water add 4 tbsp. l. collecting, bring to a boil and cook for another 15 minutes, then drain and add to bath daily. The water temperature is desirable to keep within the range of 37 to 40 degrees. Take such baths can be within 10-15 days.Even for a popular recipe that helps to quickly get rid of a few extra pounds, you need:- Apple;- Celery root;- A glass of curdled;- Horseradish root;- Salt.Grated apple to mix with the celery root in a ratio of 3 to 1. Finely grated horseradish root and add it along with yogurt to apple and celery. You can add salt to taste. Eat it every night for weeks, and weight loss does not take long.Of course, better healthy lifestyle, slimming is not found. Folk recipes diet is good, but they must be just adding to your motto - is smaller and more move!