April 14 (April 1, old style)

Mary. Mary Light snow began to play ravines, dismissed the fire. Mary - the empty soup. Mary of Egypt. If that day will spill hollow water, there will be more grass and early mowing.Said: "The Mary snow has melted for the deck." And yet there was such an ironic saying: "He wanted you in April cabbage!" The fact that the winter supply of cabbage from the peasants ended in March and sour soup had only dreamed of. But it was time to cook cabbage April, called empty. Therefore, saying: "We have arrived at Maria empty soup." Russian people love to cook soup, such that "the spoon was standing." On the liquid as soup, they ironically said: "Soup - at least footcloths rinsing.Mary conceived flood. She "played" with snowballs in the gully. Chased the sun's rays on red acne, calling girls on spring feast. On this day, cooked vegetable soup sauerkraut. With Mary - the empty soup and to Martha - green cabbage (16 May), actively eat up stocks of sauerkraut. Usually this falls on a Lenten soup and in any case must not contain meat. If a spill at Mary of Egypt - the grass will be much. If the ice comes down suddenly - the year will be a year to be easy, good. Ice on the river izniknet or on the beach will remain - the year will be difficult. The ice breaks hryasno - walking is dangerous.
Conspiracy against the evil eye to Mary of Egypt."It has become blessed, and went to the cross, from door to door, from the gate through the gate in an open field under clear skies, a black cloud under Mlada month, under the red sun. Under the red sun - okiyan-Sea, okiyan sea-palm stone. In the palm of the stone is God's church in the apostolic church, sits on a golden chair Mary of Egypt and discourages (child, maiden name of rivers), from the monk, from dvoezuba from troezuba from dvoezhentsa from troezhentsa, his grandmother krutoboki from girls -just-hairs from the evil eye and rack and postizhnyh and from povetryanyh and protivovetryanyh, a century - ever, now and forever, until the end of the century, before the repose of the world. " It was believed that, in addition to conspiracy, turned to Mary of Egypt, a woman or girl to avoid the evil eye, it is useful to apply this technique: hand patting himself on the behind, then rub with the same hand over his face, saying: "What do you have me neglazlivaya, this would and I was neglazlivaya.