Today, April 4

Basil's Day. Basil Dory, Basil Warm, Basil Greenhouse, Basil drip. Dory also calls it, because a day of this saint went to watch the sunrise and wondered at him about the upcoming year. If that day when the sun can be seen around the red circles, the year promises a good harvest.
The first month of spring in the national calendar ends Cyril (March 31). These days the roads deteriorate, that ride on the sleigh - in the old days, of course - it became simply impossible.
Water allows him to come in April, which, as is known, the water is nice. April brooks waking land, said the people. This he reveals the keys, and water. Starting with snow, April ends with greenery.
April rain the first cart of gold is worth. Three of rain in April - one in May, thousands of rain stand. Thought so in the old days the peasants. But the clear April night frosts usually ends.
April 1 - all well-known day jokes and pranks. No time for jokes alone, Daria, who notes on the folk calendar on April 1 a day. The people nicknamed her Daria - dirty hole, Dana-poplaviha. That it helps to thaw. In the old woman lay on Krosno frost.
The People's meteorologists have deduced: the weather on April 1, so is 1 October.
Holy Martyr Darya, which honors the memory of April 1, and the Orthodox calendar, our ancestors prayed for a happy marriage and family welfare.
Holy Photina (Svetlana) 2 April meets your day in the Orthodox calendar. It is known that it has the ability to deliver people from fevers.
April 4 - day-Basil sunfish in the national calendar. Called it still warm. And yet - remove the shafts: it is advised to do this in the old experienced men, sleigh road stops by this time at all.
Connoisseurs of nature assured: at Basil sun in circles - to the harvest, fertility.
This year on April 4, has a memorable day - Entry into Jerusalem - the main town of the Holy Land - in front of his suffering on the cross. This festival takes place the week before the celebration of Easters and is also called Palm Sunday. According to church tradition, believing, as though encountering invisible coming of the Lord, stand on the worship with a sprig of willow in his hands.
April 6 - Zechariah and James say in the national calendar. There is a sign: if the night is warm, the spring will be united. Today on April 6 has Great Tuesday of Holy Week. In churches read the parable of Jesus Christ, who must breathe into a person of strength and force to think about charity.

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