folk omens about the weather

Cat Licks - to bad weather.

On Friday, rain - on a Sunday is clear.

If the marigold flower does not open until seven o'clock in the morning - will be a storm.

The wind that blows on Palm Sunday, will prevail throughout the summer.

At noon, the sun's rays darken - expect a storm.

Tot who cuts your hair or nails in calm weather, naklichet storm.

Green ash before oak - will pour in buckets. Green oak before ash - will splash as of watering.

Big rain bubbles - to bad weather and puschemu rain.

Tall and round rainbow - to a bucket, flat and low - to bad weather.

Thunder in the winter - to strong winds.

Evening dew - to a bucket.

If a clear day you pick pansies, soon it starts to rain.

Hang clothes and starts to rain, tears.


If the nails do not open until seven o'clock in the morning, it will rain or thunderstorm.

Frog jumping along the shore - to the rain.

Hen put under a chicken - to bad weather.

If the chimney falls the soot, the weather deteriorates.

The smoke column - to frost or to the bucket.

If the days are dry, then put up the yard empty jug - that God gave the rain.

If the first days of April winds - in June would be heavy rains.

Fluffy inei - to a bucket.

Chicken on one leg standing - to the cold.

The mist is falling (not rising) - the bucket, up - to bad weather.

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Today, April 4

Today, April 5 (March 23 Old Style)