Today, April 5 (March 23 Old Style)

Day Nikon. It was a day of "spring-cleaning" in the house and garden. Said: "Without minding some ants breed", "Domok not great, but will not allow it to sit down", "Home Affairs can not be undone, " "House of the owner is great. " Chaffinch flies. Barker bird to the porch, regaled crumbs, seeds, flaxseed.
It was a day of "spring-cleaning" in the house and garden. Said: "Without minding some ants breed", "Domok not great, but will not allow it to sit down", "Home Affairs can not be undone," "House of the owner is great."
The garden began to plant apple trees, mountain ash, red and black currants. Cleaned the trunks of fruit trees. And in the house shook the bed, took out garbage, changed the straw mattresses. And chased out of the huts there lurking evil spirits.
Washed with mint benches, floors and even the tables in the house, whitewashed stove, brewed mint teas.
Mint - perennial plant of the family Labiatae, with long creeping rhizome, with quadrangular stems branched, with lanceolate, sharp toothed, pubescent leaves. The flowers are small, pinkish-purple, collected in dense globose whorls in the axils of upper leaves. Plant height of 15 to 40 cm
Several species of mint used in food as a seasoning and spices. In the middle belt of the country in its wild form is most common mint field. Less common dlinnolistnaya mint. The hallmark of her are longer and less pubescent leaves.
In the XVII century by hybridization was derived peppermint (M. piperita), which are bred to produce essential oils for the production of menthol. Found it in the wild state. In the Caucasus, cultivated apple mint (M. rotundifolia) with a delicate aroma and taste.
Field mint grows in damp meadows, floodplains, near ponds, in wet forests. In all kinds of mint contains essential oil, carotene, flavonoids and organic acids. With salted cabbage cabbage head-in quarters mint is one of the best means to promote their long-term storage, while it gives a special flavor the cabbage.
In Russia were very fond of tea with mint. It also added to the brew making it not only acquired a pleasant smell and taste. But more and longer kept. Broths were used as a mint flavoring for baking cakes. Its leaves and flowers were added as a seasoning for salads, soups, fish and vegetable dishes, but the addition of mint to milk warns skisanie and prolongs its storage.
At all times - not only in Russia but in virtually all countries where growing mint, highly valued its salutary effect: it calms the person, relieves spasms of blood vessels and smooth muscles of internal organs. In many villages in Russia mint believed companion good night's sleep - and hung it beams in the rooms so added to the hay, which stuffed pillows.
Neither Russian banya is not dispensed with mint. This has long grass carpet racks in the bath so succumbed to her pair. Did so because peppermint has an antiseptic effect. Bath with mint and birch twigs liked Peter the Great.

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