April 30 (April 17 Old Style)

Zosimus Solovetsky. Zosimus apiary. Patron of beekeepers. To this day, as the day of St. Pud, in conjunction with exhibition of bees: "The Zosima set the hive in the apiary apiary. Fervent pchelonka flies out of the hive. Expose the hive on primrose. If the bees fly to the color, the color will of the fetus. On coca bread has gone Bee, the grain will be good. If the bees settle on the cherry blossom, cherry tree grew, if not - the cherries will not. Judged on the future crop of buckwheat: "Little loss of bees (the exhibition omshanika) - to harvest buckwheat, and vice versa, a lot of wastage - buckwheat is born. "