April 29 (April 16 Old Style)

Irina - urvi shore break gully. Irina Rassadnitsa. Otshumela, otbushevala melt water and the river enters the owl normal, leaving the dug ravines, bridges and dug razmochalennye shore. The flood subsided! Yet the people say: "Arina - urvi shore" - thereby recalling that in this day come the collapse of banks due to spring floods. Take notice: "If the ravines sparkle and freeze again - wait for interference on the crop." Alder color droops. Alder blossom - this buckwheat. Irina-rassadnitsa: This cabbage nurseries (cabbage seedlings sown in the soil). On this day, put the seedlings planted on special cooked, or cut and are beginning to blanch stems of garden trees.Planted cabbage seedlings, the peasant, saying: "Do not be a long-legged, whether puzasta; not be empty, be tight, do not be red, be delicious." These spells were set.After a day of Arina-rassadnitsy normally be delivered a few days of sunshine. Seedlings quickly walked to the growth. In her "behavior" then determines the success of future economic affairs. Considered, for example, that if the "drinking water the seedlings - dry hay, rather than absorbs - wet." By this and ready.