May 1 (April 18 Old Style)

Kuzma. Kozma - gardener. The peasants used to say: "At this Kozma carrots and beets. Alder blossom - this buckwheat. Blooming violets and flowering ivy - Bredin, indicate the beginning of the sowing radishes and carrots, onion, fennel and parsley. According to customs before planting out in the morning to the votive Studentsov to soak the seeds in the hope of the future harvest, cast copper coins to the bottom Studentsov. Others consider it more proper to moisten the seeds of river water for three morning dawns. In this case, secrecy is an important cause: otherwise the harvest will be thin. If the beginning of May the warm - in the end will be cold, and vice versa.May cold - year of corny. Rain in May - raises the bread. Flowered violet - this carrot and parsley. No rain is not present.The first rain in May wetted head of hair to grow, as the May grass. Man, this birthday is not supposed to be a stranger, and gardeners. Take care of the fruit - vegetables, over the ridges of the back bending. Then, they say, and in the fate he will have a path, not bespute. Peasants digging a ridge, saying: "I came Kozma - peered into the cellar, took a shovel - the hut dug up the ground." According to popular belief, Radel Kozma of the stomach of a peasant. And because of vegetable seeds saved from vyugoveev, and later on the dead wood protects, hides in the ground. All the hostess tried to do these operations hidden from others, so jealous eye does not hurt. In early May, said: "Take away the stump to the vernal day, and the stock will be handsome," referring to the blossoming of nature. "At the Kuzma in a shirt plow - in a fur coat to sow."