May 10 (April 27 Old Style)

Semen Ranopashets. As is clear from the title of this day, almost everywhere in Russia has already begun early plowing fields. During the entire run of the gardens and orchards. "Sooner pair Pasha - yields are good. " "It is time to plow when it thunders, forest foliage dresses, larks sang, and aquatic frogs croak start. " From the seeds can not eat any grain.
Day of remembrance of the apostle and martyr Simeon, kinsman of the Lord. Was the son of Cleophas, the younger brother of St. Joseph the Betrothed. St. Simeon at the age of 107 years was crucified after the suffering long tortures.
Later period of soil thawing. The average beginning of flowering maple. Bloom of spring flowers.

10-25 May - watering fruit trees, if dry. Prkapyvayut raspberries. Spiked by her peat-ash mixture and a little superphosphate. May 10-15 - the last sowing in the soil seed beets, carrots, parsley, peas, cabbage kohlrabi, cauliflower, turnips.

The landing in the garden varieties of sweet onion-Seva.

In many areas - start early plowing ... "Man, get ready to die, and zemelku Pasha. "