Car KIM 10-50

In January 1939, specifically for power plant KIM organized the production of fuel-efficient cars. Developed compact car KIM 10-50 on the British «Ford Prefect». But the body of the car did not look quite modern, and it finalized.According to his model in the U.S. developed and produced drawings of body punches. In what was supposed to manufacture car bodies for gas. Springs and frame had to do VMS. All in all, the production of KIM-10-50 there were 42 companies involved. New production of other outputs in the annual output to 50 thousand copies in the shortest possible time.In April 1940, were collected the first samples of the two-door KIM-10-50.Body KIM-10-50 - polunesuschy, it is attached to a very light frame. To access the rear seats side doors were made very wide, and backs of the front seat folds forward.Body KIM-10-50 had a lot of innovations. He lacked the outer side steps, as on other cars. The windshield was not flat and consisted of two parts located at an angle. On this car the first time in the domestic automotive industry has found application alligator hood type (as later on "Victory") instead of the common then with lifting bonnet sides. Salon runabout was fitted with a clock that had just occurred on the high-end cars. Spare wheel placed horizontally in a special niche in the rear, under the boot. KIM-10-50, followed by the ZIS-101, found use synchronizers in the upper gears. Among other new products should be mentioned thin double layer liners bearing crankshaft, centrifugal automatic advance ignition, wiper, working under the influence of vacuum in the intake pipe of the engine.Engine and chassis are simple, cheap and durable. Nizhneklapanny engine interdependent wheel suspension on the two transverse leaf springs, power-driven drum brakes, a separate frame at the time used in the construction of many small car. Wheels equipped with openings (flare) and a rather large caps, which stamped and colored red deepening with bright letters "KIM".The first prototypes of KIM-10-50 had a sleek headlights mounted on brackets on the front fenders. Door hinges were out of the body surface. Bumpers are very simple forms were attached by four studs to the plates, springs, and in the middle of the front bumper - the hole for a crank. Instead of front, additional lights in the headlamps. Car painted in bright red, black, gray-green or dark green. Upholstery fabric was beige.Total kept no more than 6 copies of this car. Well-preserved KIM 10-50 is in the museum AZLK.
Technical characteristics:Length: 3960mm, width: 1480mm, height: 1650mmWheelbase: 2385mmGround clearance: 210mmFront wheel track: 1145mmRear track: 1145mmTurning radius: 6,3 mEngine: 30l.s./4000ob/min, R4, 1,172 cu. cmBore / Stroke: 63.5 / 92.5 mmCompression ratio: 5,75: 1Carburetor: ML-1Transmission: 3 speedWeight without load: 840kgMaximum speed: 90 km / hTyres: 5,00-16 inchesFuel tank capacity: 32 lFuel consumption: 9 L/100km