Bathroom Decor

Remember, as well on a hot summer day, substitute the body under a cool stream of soul. And, of course, not bad in the winter to warm up and soak in the bath foam scented fragrances.
As a rule, feel that the owner of any bathroom, this is - this is a small space, which is usually not enough for the ambitious plans of its equipment. Almost the opportunity to have a bathroom the size you want, not all possess. Therefore we can apply the methods by which the space can be expanded bathroom visually. And it does not need to break its walls, and use relatively simple techniques designers.
Central to this is the correct rasplanirovka premises. Thanks to the development of the system installation, you can place the sanitary equipment anywhere in the bathroom, while saving its area. On the recommendations of experts, it is best to choose an accommodation sanitary equipment where it is located in the corner. Fine if there is such a technical feature that allows you to make a niche, and it would sink like a bath or shower.
To increase the visual area of ​​the bathroom is recommended to use mini-plumbing. What is a mini-plumbing? Mini-plumbing is a kind of plumbing, which can take up much less space than an ordinary plumber. In this case, is the effect of a dollhouse, where the use of small things can make everything else visually more. Of course, this can not be a mini-mini-sink or toilet, so otherwise would have turned out a mini-feature :-)
But in order to relieve the space of the bathroom, you can apply the so-called hanging plumbing, or a combination tub and shower.
It turns out that the expansion of space, the walls may also play a role. The result of the expansion is achieved by using the walls in a lighter tone. At the same time on the advice of professionals best use of large format ceramic and mosaic. Looks great application of additional decorative elements, placed vertically. An excellent solution is to taste panels, which can expand the space at the expense of image perspective.
The ceiling in the bathroom with the light taste of the owners can make a mirror, or using a false light. This will allow to increase the area of ​​visual bathroom.
It turns out that the mirrors have such optical properties that allow them to increase the area 2 times. Therefore, extension of the bathroom visually by means of mirrors is the easiest way. In this the rule, the smaller the area of ​​the bathroom, the larger the mirror must be used.
To increase the functionality of the bathroom is good to use miniature furniture and even better :-) conventional furniture "drown" in a niche. To decorate the walls, you can use light shelves, made of metal and glass.
If your bathroom has a large area, then you need to properly select and arrange the furniture. At present the most current and environmentally friendly furniture is made of wood. Thanks to modern technology, wood furniture can be protected from temperature fluctuations and humidity for a long time. Nowadays bathroom furniture is diverse. Thus, besides the usual cabinet under the sink, can be made to order for your bathroom shelves various podiums, shelving and cabinets, better sliding. However, choosing the furniture for the bathroom to keep the selected style and harmony, to preserve a unified composition. So, if you are staying in a classic style to your bathroom, what you need furniture made of wood, and to him - plumbing made of copper, porcelain and marble. If you are a fan of old, the furnishings of wood suitable black marble, gilded carvings and crystal accessories.
According to the trends of modern fashion is very popular now enjoys the design of a bathroom, which has a large number of glass products. Furniture made of glass also contributes to a significant unloading of the interior and enhance the visual area of ​​the bathroom. And, as a rule, it also serves as a great element of decoration. In general, it should be noted that the shelves, doors, shower enclosures, made of glass look very neat and tiny. Of course, for the production of glass is used, which is resistant to impacts and scratches.
Since recently become very popular to use a design technique, as the installation of the fireplace in the bathroom. However, he is likely to set not to perform their functions, but to complement the overall style of the magnificent interior of the bathroom. With his help in the bathroom, you can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere is enough ;-)