Bathroom design

Some tips for selecting color scheme bathroom.
The bathroom is the most visited place in our house and really want to arrange it beautifully to design feast for the eyes and contributed to a good mood. When thinking through the interior a large role, of course, plays a bathroom furniture, but still one of the highlights will be a choice of colors, it just sets the mood and visually adjust the space of the room. Here are some tips:- Enough to paint the opposite wall of the entrance in bright colors like she moved away visually, creating a feeling of greater space.- And with bright borders of the tiles, you can "cut" space as you like, to reduce or increase the height and width.- Just to increase the area of ​​the bathroom, should take light tones and cream, sky blue and shades of young greens add freshness.- But visually reduce a lot of space and make it cozy, you can use bright colors like red, purple, "deep" sea-green, lemon, etc.- Do not forget about the plumbing, delusion, that it must necessarily be pure white! In addition to its direct purpose, it can serve as a great decor element, with the plumbing takes a lot of space in the bathroom can be a good accent design of the bathroom! The color tiles and sanitary ware need not be in the same tone, contrasting solutions look quite interesting.- On the same principle better delineate and color the walls with the floor.- It is important not to overdo it with the amount of color accents, there should be no more than two, and all the other colors just to support them. Bathroom space is usually not large, so the extra diversity and abundance of flowers with the decor will only create a sense of "mussornosti" and disorder.- Add a space, you can and use the mirrors that you can fix both the walls and ceiling, they reflect the beneficial glare surface, adding a light. But if you use mirrors to consider the overall design decision, since it reflects the color surfaces can change the color accent conceived.Another not unimportant factor in the design of the bathroom is the lighting. The most important criterion in the selection of the lamp should be safety. Bathroom characteristic glossy surface, so the light will be slightly larger than the plan in the calculation of electricians. Lamps can be placed over the bath (halogen as the sky, for example), point on the mirror or mounted directly to the mirror itself, so at the expense of light can not zonirovat even a large room, making it different.