George Lurih - Estonian Bogatyr

An outstanding athlete in the history of world athletics Lurih George was born in 1876 in Estonia. From birth he was not endowed with heroic physique, but will power the boy was exceptional. He decided to become stronger by learning in real school. Lurih worked hard with weights and achieves positive results. At the end of a secondary school, he began wrestling professionally and athleticism.Lurih sent to St. Petersburg to Krajewski, where for years engaged in his famous mug, achieving excellent results. Some achievements in weightlifting exercises Luriha exceeded the world record. Soon he became a professional athlete and wrestler. Wins the title against the French, set several world records in weightlifting.In 1910, 20 Lurih sets of records. The most curious record in the "term": Lurih raised his right hand bar weighing 105 kg, and then hold it up, took the floor with a weight of 34 kg and also raised up.George Lurih demonstrated his skills in many countries and everywhere was very popular. Thus, in some European cities were based athletic clubs in his name.In 1901, in Hamburg, the competition's strongest fighters (62 participants) Lurih won first prize of 12,000 marks and the title of world champion.In 1902 in Riga won the first prize and the title of world champion.In 1912, in Hamburg at an international tournament again Lurih wins first prize.In autumn 1912 the athlete goes on tour to America, where he met with ease-American struggle and triumph over the known fighters and Rogers Zbyshko-Tsyganevichem.Some of the performances of George Luriha were imprinted on the film. In London in 1904 were filmed a show match with a German Luriha Siegfried, and in 1908 the match with the Turk Luriha Kara Mustafa, was held in the capital of the Russian Empire - Saint-Petersburg.George Lurih was an uncommon man. He owned a dozen languages, played the piano beautifully, masterfully played chess, wrote stories on sports themes, lectures on physical culture.Lurih more than once posed for sculptors such as Rodin and Adamson. The sculpture "champion" the Adamson won first prize at the World Exhibition in the U.S. city of St. Louis during the Olympics.In Tallinn, held a memorial Luriha George Greco-Roman wrestling. Near the former real school, where he studied, a monument to the athlete.