The stretch ceiling - choice of color

Choosing the color of the stretch ceiling, listen to yourself and advice from friends. The right choice of color stretch ceiling can affect mood. A good mood - the guarantee of health. Psychologists give the interpretation of the impact of color on mood and state of man. These data can provide guidelines for choosing a color canvas for a room.

    White. Can be harmonious with any color. White symbolizes purity, beginnings, freshness. Negative qualities - cold (snow), the severity. Not suitable for living rooms and children rooms.

    Blue. Cool color. It soothes and calms. Symbolically associated with contemplation, mystery, patience. Reminiscent of sea and sky. Positive qualities - loyalty and stability, negative - melancholy. Suitable for bedrooms and lounges.

    Red. Energizing and stimulating. Visually, it reduces the size of the room, but increases the size of objects. Red is associated with warmth, energy, anger, shame and hatred. For the nursery, dining room and kitchen is not suitable.          

    Stretch ceilings Green. This color symbolizes growth and harmony, it is refreshing and helps to rest. His positive influence - optimism, freedom and balance. Not suitable for common rooms, offices and playrooms.

    Yellow. The warm color. Is associated with enlightenment and intelligence. It stimulates the brain and helps digestion.

    Purple. Stimulates life force. Associated with spirituality and solemnity. Positive qualities - passion and commitment, negative - gloom.

    Pink. Associated with the purity of the mind, happiness and romance. Suitable for bedrooms.

    Orange. The color of cheerfulness and strength. Promotes sociability, rebellion. Not suitable for small rooms.

    Brown. Symbolizes stability, weight and age. Good for offices and bedrooms.

We must not forget that your chosen color stretch ceiling should be in harmony with the overall interior room.