Suspended ceiling design

Design of stretch ceiling can be varied, depending on customer requirements. To set the desired tension ceiling design required a design project, which describes the color, size, number of levels, lighting, ceilings, etc. Often the design of the stretch ceiling, develop designers who are building on their experience can competently advise any decision.                                                                                 

The choice of textures, colors and shades ceiling is huge and opens up almost unlimited possibilities, correctly matched the lighting or backlighting allows you to create unusual effects, permissible tilt and multi-level design of ceilings, the use of curved surfaces. If you get tired of coloring of the film, it is easy to change with the installation in an old frame.

A very popular technique for the design of the stretch ceiling is to use the latest technology "starry sky". There are several options for its creation:

    "Starry sky" without puncturing fabric. In this case, the fiber-optic threads are brought close to the inner side of the bed and fastened by means of false ceiling created from foam. In daylight it's just plain suspended ceiling, and with the arrival of dusk on the ceiling begin to glow stars.

    Fiber-optic filament is stretched a dark glossy stretch ceiling paintings by 10 cm in order to reinforce the impression of fine luminous rays.

    Amazing refraction of light is created in the "starry sky" due to be used in conjunction with fiber-optic strands crystal lenses. They are mounted on the ends of optical fibers with visible side of the blade and cut through different windows give the amount of stars.

    The most popular way is to use LEDs, which are displayed on the ceiling surface 1 cm and look like little light bulbs. Transformers that connect the LEDs can be configured for different effects flicker and color transitions, like a Christmas tree and garlands, which helps you to create different compositions of stars.

Photo ceilings. The application of any image. This is one of the most compelling, relevant, and most importantly - affordable ways to create an exclusive interior design. It returns us to the tradition of painted ceilings. You can recreate the interior of any palace or cathedral, to make room in the corner of the cosmos or in the landscape. Technology of production of photo-ceiling consists of the following: the matte satin or fabric width of 180 cm is applied by printing large-format printer. The printed fabric cut out and set the standard technology. If the dimensions of the room large enough for cutting and require a combination of two or more canvases, it is necessary to make the alignment of the joint. Pictures for stretch ceilings, you can choose from a collection of clip art that is available in the manufacturer of the ceiling, or you can bring to any disk image in high resolution or vector images. The designer prepares a mock-up, which will be printed on the canvas ceiling.

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