Stretch ceiling

The stretch ceiling is a product, made of certain bands of PVC film fabric which is cut out only the size of the room with all its characteristics. The density of fabric, usually 0.18 cm Plans for cutting must be done a professional technologist, because in this area, as well as all the other nuances associated with suspended ceilings, the mass of the subtleties that must be taken into account. The openings for the passage of fasteners chandeliers, piping, ventilation grill in the area, fire sensors in the film are cut and glued reinforced clamping element. The canvas is fixed to a solid plastic profile attached to the walls of the room.

The warranty period for suspended ceiling on canvas up to 15 years for the installation of 3 years.
History of the stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling

As history shows, plus everything, the history of the birth of stretch ceiling, driven by force of progress are human values, practical and aesthetic. Design and construction of fantasy experience is of ancient Rome, driven aggressively minded patricians gave rise to thoughts ceiling draping fabric. Fabric matter sought to choose the color of the walls of the premises, and when over time the fabric was covered with dust, fade, sag, or simply bored, it was replaced and the ceiling again looked new.

Later ancestors of modern suspended ceilings, this fabric ceilings in Armenia, where since the early 17th century began to use impregnated with chalk, stretched on a frame calico. Prosyhaya, the fabric gave a precipitate was obtained and a perfectly flat. The current stretch ceiling first appeared in France about 30 years ago. Put forward the principle of a stretch ceiling made of PVC film in a very long time, entered the list of industrial technology, and allowed to resolve certain problems in the field of decoration, which were previously intractable.

Types of suspended ceilings

The stretch ceiling can be in one or more levels. The ceilings in several levels of help to divide the space into functional objects, hide imperfections and potential defects in a standard ceiling, swings, and communication elements. The shape of this design is very different, for example, classic, combined with geometric shapes, bent shape, curves, lines, and so on.

The main variety of types of suspended ceilings are invoices.

Traditional texture:

- Mat (imitation of high-quality plaster ceiling) for fans of standard ceiling;
- Satin (high quality imitation created plasterboard, painted), the reincarnation of elegance;
- Patent (half-mirror, the visual projection increases the volume of the interior, creating a spatial sense).

Exclusive invoices:

- Metallic Stretch ceiling and Hi-Tech for lovers of technological solutions;
- Wood (imitation precious tree species);
- Suede (imitation suede natural element);
- Marble (imitation marble pattern in various shades);
- Opal (half-transparent texture with a high coefficient of light scattering, is used for embedding the ceiling brackets);
- Photo ceilings art technology to be transferred to the suspended ceiling any photo or picture of a classic;
- Ceilings with the effect of a starry sky.
A couple of recommendations regarding the selection of ceilings for the rooms!

For obsolete stock suspended ceiling is the perfect option to hide irregularities standard ceilings. On demand to maintain a standard light matt finish ceiling selected matte white or satin wrap.

To use the rooms, the predominant way, bright matte colors. Subtleties glossy ceiling (lacquer films) increase space and height. They are used for rooms with low ceilings. Looks good gloss ceiling in the living room.

For the ceiling in the kitchen, and ceiling in the bathroom are perfect matte film (not rough), or varnished, because they are perfectly clean. In addition, in the bathroom and the kitchen is recommended to mount ceilings, as the cloth is PVC film, which does not affect moisture and the ceiling can not be condensation. If your kitchen room, bathroom or filled with water neighbors, the presentable appearance of your ceiling almost not affected, since any potential traces of the film will not be reviewed. In this situation, one square meter roof can hold up to 100 liters of liquid.

Glory to stretch ceiling so huge that there is no more or less prestigious private or office interior is impossible to imagine without them.
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