VAZ 2103 - the first of the "descendants" of the legendary "penny"

Assessment of a car is essential and very important process in the organization of its purchase and continued operation. Note how important characteristics has VAZ 2103.First of all, VAZ 2103 - this is a classic sedan, which has four doors, responsible for the production of which is the Volga Automobile Plant.The History of the VAZ 2103 dates back to 1972, when "AvtoVAZ" decides to launch production of more powerful and sophisticated modification "Lada." Most of the population embraced the new version, as more prestigious and comfortable, and, of course, more expensive. And in fact, VAZ 2103 model is refined and modified variation of the "Lux", which is similar to FIAT 124 Speciale 1968.For a full run in production with the concern FIAT was signed, in which attention is given to complete the model, namely to release the WHA in 2103 provided for a 1.5-liter engine capacity of 77 liters. with.Once the model VAZ 2103 came out, she immediately went "hot cakes". This car has proven itself as the most practical, comfortable, inexpensive, and dynamic. Pleasing changes are on the outside and inside: light illumination, increased space for passengers, and, necessarily, increase engine power.The popularity of this version has long been high, and when compared with the recognition appeared not so long ago, "Sixes" and "Neve", the rating VAZ 2103 in 1970 was much higher, and more sales.To date, the car lost its former popularity. Even according to statistics from hijacking the WHA in 2103 is not in demand. Yes, the auto industry and make them stop almost fifteen years ago.VAZ 2103 model at the time differed build quality, for example, the value of clearances body panels, and, generally, the very doors fit was perfect and did not cause reproach. The increased space overhead by 15 mm, created by changing the design of the seats when the distance from roof to seats was 860 mm, the new leatherette upholstery - all significantly improved the atmosphere in the cabin, in contrast to the model VAZ-2101. The base 77 allows us to develop a powerful engine for this sedan speed of 100 km / h in 19 seconds. VAZ 2103 Masters pleasantly surprised by the modified "rich" instrument panel, where there were a clock, as well as a tachometer. After the release of "Six" - these innovations, of course, seemed perfect, but in the 1970s, such changes in the model VAZ 2103 were considered glamorous and prestigious.If we consider a different point of view, the new illumination light is dim and weak, but in a small "glove box" it is not at all. The disadvantage of loading baggage, caused by high rear panel, low seat, not equipped with head restraints, did not characterize the VAZ 2103 with the best hand. Prior to 1980, was a glass washer foot type, which was quite uncomfortable.Another, an important drawback is preserved under the rear axle sump previous value of clearance to 170 mm, whereby the low sediment body of the car on bumpy roads will not miss a single tubercle, and the collector on the bottom hook all the tabs. As for the general conduct of the road, it is considered a typical "classic" for this type of models. Machine, overcoming various obstacles, for example, if the road is slippery, because of a soft suspension and as a result, the fuzzy feedback steering wheel does not leave access to the full management at a high speed, which is fraught with a variety of adverse effects.As soon as practically every year since 1972, produced a VAZ 2103, the developers have made some changes. So in 1977 the model changed the electrician, in connection with a transforming technology, adding new terminals and connect the wiring. Not left unattended and the carburetor, in 1976 it was modernized and set the mixture screw. In subsequent years, the car was put into operation the carburetor "Ozone" model VAZ - 2107.Now the "Troika" is no longer fashionable and car parts to find it's not so easy and has, nevertheless, any service mechanic, well acquainted with the construction of VAZ 2103, will help eliminate many problems associated with pereukompletatsiey.