VAZ-2108 - the ancestor of the family LADA SAMARA, celebrated in December 2004, its twentieth anniversary. The appearance in 1984, "eight" was a breakthrough in the domestic automotive. The front-drive car VAZ-2108 is radically different from its predecessors as the design, layout and appearance. VAZ-2108 model has begun mass production of the country's front-drive cars, and just in time production was produced about 900 thousand "eights."
The people cars LADA SAMARA became known as "fighters". Such machines have the name of a particular fondness for them athletes and fans of "sport" tuning. "Eight" and are often found on the sports track, and at night autodrome street racing.
VAZ-2108 - predneprivodny small car with a 3-door hatchback body and front-wheel drive. In making this a successful car company engineers involved, "Porsche". They are specialists vazovskie adopted an invaluable experience, which was then used to develop cars LADA OKA and LADA 110.
 Available zavodom.Avtomobil VAZ VAZ-2108 was introduced in 1984. This model is a hatchback three-door body was truly a milestone not only for the Volga Automobile Plant, but also for local motorists. It was proposed to call it in the domestic market - "Sputnik", but the name caught on and eventually was confirmed export - "Samara". Model VAZ-2108 Sputnik / Lada Samara has begun mass production of the country's front-drive cars. The car turned out, of course, more reliable to operate, safe and economical in comparison with the classic "Lada". Corrosion resistance of the body also has an objective luchshe.V novelty was everything: front-wheel assembly, the body of a hatchback, the transverse-mounted engine, contactless ignition system type front suspension McPherson, rack and pinion steering, clutch cable drive, energy-absorbing plastic bampery.Avtomobili first editions suffered as accepted, "childhood diseases" that are becoming obsolete plant directly in the course of production on consumers. Especially if short-lived and plagued by terribly scarce components of electronic ignition systems (especially the earlier model switch 36.3734). However, carbs and type - "Solex" specifically not allowed to relax (and do not give up now), not to mention the current racks, covers worn SHRUS themselves, "clattering" front panel and trim design and unreliable door locks. In part with a few glitches in the later editions have been able to cope, for example, with the front hub nuts samootvorachivaniem cliff and rope clutches, but most of the problems safely continue to poison the lives of the owners of "Samar". However, the creaking and cracking, which publish and interior panels, and can speak of improper use (overloading, which led from the body) or gapping of the trim panel to the board after the accident the body. Despite the wide doors, exit and entrance in the back seat triple difficult. This fact is generally construed in favor of a certain image of youth sport, though the world is more a sign of "a car for housewives" (cheaper and safer for transport small children - do not be thrown out). Shop complement the tapestry anatomical seats with ample margin of adjustment in three directions, interior doors do not suffer from defects, as well as other peripherals in the cabin (although starting to "accompany" already after a short run). Among the annoying little things occur such as the lack of head restraints for rear seats and ashtrays, the inconvenience of access to safety belts front seats (too far shifted back pillar), the high location of the edge of the trunk. Spare wheel is located in a recess of luggage. Luggage capacity increases with the rear seat folded down (unfortunately, it does not add up in parts and does not take until the end of the horizontal position, which does not really carry bulky items). The machine is equipped with in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engines. Initially, the base engine in the VAZ-2108 was taken by a 1.3-liter 65-strong (VAZ-2108) with four-speed gearbox. It is synonymous with proper and timely maintenance of sufficient reliability.

It can easily go 150 thousand miles (assuming no racing temperament of the owner). The only thing that will have to deal with is a frequent replacement of oil filter and the need to service the ignition and valve adjustment only to the service station. Modification of the VAZ-21083, issued in 1987, equipped with a carbureted engine capacity of 1.5 liters. VAZ-21083i - fuel-injected engine capacity of 1.5L. A little later, for export to certain countries, began to produce modified VAZ-21 081 in-line 4-cylinder gasoline 1.1-liter 53-horsepower engine is not too temperamental. In 1996, the issue of this modification zavershili.V 1990 was restyled front end, which resulted in "eight" has acquired a different form of the wings and got rid of the notorious "beak". In the market version with a separate "beak" in the front end and the "short wing" (pre-1991 release) are giving way to models of VAZ-21083 with a "long wing". Quite a lot of offers for sale 21 081 VAZ-21083 and VAZ with Velour upholstery and more user-friendly panel "suite" with a tachometer and trip computer (standard on sedan and VAZ-21099 with a fuel-injected engine versions), which are also mounted on vehicles, had been in an accident (more expensive to shove.) should be wary of offers young car owners on the sale of non-standard machines 6 or 7 years old, filled with various accessories and the "music". Nevertheless, over recent years, a number of small tuning companies, does turning the "eight" to "almost coupe." Especially popular is the replacement of imported mass-produced gas-filled counters, finalize engines, etc. At one time, a bad design "beak" has given rise to a whole layer of small firms and firmochek who tried to produce a variety of overhead clearance items, changing the appearance of an abortive "Eight." There are a number of models, which by its characteristics do not differ from the basic models, but the difference in the arrangement of components and assemblies have their own indexes. Export options that are available for the UK - the VAZ-21086 VAZ-21087 VAZ-21088. These are analogues of, respectively, models of VAZ-2108 VAZ-21081 VAZ-21083, but with the right-hand steering position kolonki.Sootvetstvenno layout of the pedals, and vacuum brake booster. The algorithm of the movement of the windscreen wipers. They move from left to right because of the "mirror" drive mechanism dvornikov.Po ads are occasionally found gigs with Western-injection engine (Natasna, Bohemia Cabrio). Sometimes offer models with right-hand drive in the UK (such machines are factory codes: 21 086 with a 1.3 liter engine, 21 087 - 1.1 x 21 088 - 1.5 L). Comes across as double wagon VAZ-2108F (VAZ-1706) canoe (the name speaks for itself) with the plastic roof (total height 1900 mm) and cargo compartment volume of 2.2 cubic meters Its load capacity 450 kg, and the loading height due to the original design of the tailgate is lowered to 550 mm.
Now you can select options with different instrument panel ("high" or "low"), with the fuel injection system and the various eXtra equipment. The latest addition - installed at the factory on release of the security vehicle theft. This, in general, a good car, even after more than 15 years of release remains popular among customers, mainly due to the low price, good sled properties and availability of repair.


    Overall dimensions, mm:
        Length - 4006
        width - 1620
        height - 1400

    Wheelbase mm 2460
    Track front / rear mm 1400/1370
    Curb weight, 920 kg
    Gross vehicle weight, kg 1345
    The drive wheels front
    Engine 2111
    Engine capacity, cc 1499
    Maximum power kW (r / min.) 57.2 (5400)
    Max. torque Nm (r / min) 115.7 (3000)
    Power system distributed injection
    Number of speeds in five KP
    Gear ratio of the chapters. transfer of 3.7 or 3.9
    Maximum speed, km / h 160
    Acceleration time from standstill to 100km / h, with 14

    Fuel consumption, litres/100 km:
        - 10 city traffic
        - 5.7-town traffic
        - Mixed 7.3

    Tire size 165/70R13 175/70R13 or
    Emission standard R83