VAZ 2109 - Russian car

The share of "Nine" VAZ-2109 was a great popularity, than to share her "younger sister", the three-door VAZ-2108, which is not surprising: the body with four side doors has always been regarded in our country as a more "solid" and practical for family use . Therefore, five-door hatchback and was the "golden mean" first generation VAZ "peredneprivodnikov" known as "Samara-1." However, the nickname of "chisel" a characteristic angular wedge shape too and got this model. Incidentally, the contours of the "Samara" were far from ideal and this is reflected in the fact that the car-"messy" dirty literally in the first puddle. Rear seat, evolved solely as a whole, and the algorithm for this process because of too much pre-protruding armrest rear doors open wide. In the earlier editions of the trunk at all, "flaunted" the lack of finishing.

VAZ 2109 (1995, export)

In 1991, the exterior of "Nine" was somewhat ennobled by the installation instead of a plastic "beak" (inlet deflector) "long" the wings and the "traditional" facing the radiator. Salon "Nine" was as "gremyasche-squeaking" plastic parts, as in the rest of the family "Samara-1." In the early 90's there was equipment "luxury" to "high" instrument panel, equipped with a tachometer and trip computer from a prestigious sedan VAZ-21099. Unfortunately, improving ventilation, this panel does not contribute because of the unimportant and obscure the build quality of the vents. The latest cosmetic upgrades "nine" carried out in mid-1997.

Technically, the "nine" is identical to "eight", the base for him, too, was originally a 1.3-liter engine, "2108." A little later came a more powerful 1.5-liter version of 21093 and less powerful 1.1-liter 21 091 export, but the latter produced little, but the "93rd" in the second half of the 90 was the only one in the lineup. Some of the early "nines" was equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission, but later "93rd" equipped only with a 5-speed gearbox. In the 90's made in small batches and "special model" VAZ-2109-91 with the rotary-piston engine VAZ-415, which was the maximum speed of 200 km / h. Was relevant and fuel consumption of up to 25 l/100 km (!). However, these machines on the market is small, their technical condition requires special attention, and maintenance of the RAP is possible only in Moscow and Togliatti. The family of "Samara" was accurate and informative steering rack and pinion type, but his condition is necessary to watch on a regular basis and not more than 50 thousand kilometers to carry out adjustment mechanism. Re-export version of the right-hand drive, usually at once altered the usual Left Hand Drive, except for reinstalling the steering column and instrument panel was replaced. Distinguish the former "Englishwomen" in the indices can be 21 096 (1.3 liters) and 21 098 (1.5 L). Beginning in the late 90's under the hood "nine" and appeared with multiple injection engine (a modification 21093-20), however, completely replace the carburetor they did not have time - the model was removed from production.

Lada 2109 Baltik

Lada 2109 Baltik interier

Front suspension McPherson in "Samara" somewhat stiff because of the failure of the last post, but their task even copes with active driving (which is only later in need of repair, well, if not the next owner). In the 90's on the market met a lot of re-export versions in many different versions (L, GL, etc.) and trim. The status of these, not one who changed the owner of copies, usually far from ideal. Better focus on more "fresh" model without the "frills." In 1997-1998, the modernized VAZ-21093 (Samara 1500i) was collected in Finland (project EuroLada). These machines are distinguished by body-colored plastic bumpers of improved quality with built-in anti-fog lights and the color of the "metallic". Of the features EuroLada - custom accessories, including bags in the steering wheel, full-time alarms, power system with multiple injection and catalytic converter in the exhaust system. In March 2004, the obsolete "nine" finally lost its place on the assembly line model, restyled 2114, substantially differing from it only in the exterior and engines with fuel injection. By the way, since 1999, "nine" were collected from the car-kits at Syzran enterprise "RosLada" as well as the Ukrainian plant LuAZ. In 2004, the production of VAZ-2109 was transferred to Ukrainian ZAZ plant.

Through studying the design of repairers and relatively inexpensive parts found in all nine regions of the country. At the same time many tuning companies "nine" easy to adapt to individual tastes of the owner (for example, to install a plastic "obvesku" four-head system Farnham lighting, power accessories, alloy wheels, etc.) and improve engine performance and chassis. Unfortunately, the VAZ-2109 is included among the leaders in the sad rating - by stealing. This is the downside of popularity.

Possible Problems

Wear parts and components of the cooling system. Frequent replacement of oil filter.

If the timing belt breakage of the engine VAZ-21083 bent valves. Insufficient tightening of head bolts.

Flow of oil through the valve cover gasket, fuel pump and sensor-distributor. The unreliability of carbs like "Solex", especially EPHH.

Breaking of the exhaust pipe mounting the receiver due to the use of steel instead of brass nuts the old model.

Failures of the injection system (latest versions).

Problems with the repair less common injection systems on older versions (before 2001).


Loss of clutch cable. Depreciation covers and SHRUS.

Unclear separation in the absence of clutch and reverse gear lock on KP "with gaps."

Turns off gear on rough roads. Failures of the vacuum brake booster.

Rapid wear of the clutch on the engine 21 083 (20-30 sq km). Small resource grip on the engines of 1500 (20-30 thousand km).


Wear and loosening silentblock suspension.

A failed engine mount design - the destruction of the lower cross the engine compartment. Depreciation covers SHRUS.

Flow shock absorber struts.

Failures of front disc brakes while driving at high speed.

Electrical equipment:

Improper wiring connections to the terminals. Rapid wear of the belt generator (up to 50 sq km).

Defects of electronic components with fuel injection engines.

Failures of electronic components (switches) of the ignition system carbureted engines. Malfunction signal.

Refusals of starter.

Failures of the wiper.


Inconvenient process of folding the rear seat. Squeak and rattle facing parts of the cabin.

Corrosion of the front mudguards and rack body and suspension, rear wheel arches and engine compartment space.

Malfunction of the fan motor and heater clogging its foliage.

On machines later release has been simplified exhaust system (grilles removed in the rear fixed glass).

High edge is the trunk. Rapid pollution and sidewalls of the body.

On the basis of VAZ-2109 IPOs firm manufactures custom van CEP-1705, "Shuttle" with a closed cargo compartment with a capacity of 2.2 m, swing rear door with vertical doors and spring rear suspension. Since the end of 2001 IPOs and makes pickup model 2347 poluramnoy design with spring rear suspension, and the dependent trehbortovoy cargo platform, equipped with a plastic cap on the order of lifting the rear hatch. Load Model 1705 - 350 kg, 2347 - 450 kg. WSI Models differ from competing brands of pickups and vans "Iz" the best build quality, efficiency and manageability.

Country of Russia
Producer of "AvtoVAZ" (Togliatti) JSC "RosLada"
Valmet (Finland)
The body carrying
Body type Hatchback
Number of doors 5
Number of seats 5
Drive type front, transverse in front of the engine
The design of front suspension racks McPherson, rear semi-independent trailing arm
Overall dimensions 4006h1620h1402
Wheelbase mm 2460
Ground clearance, mm 160
Bagazhnogootdeleniya volume, L 330/940
Snaryazhennayamassa, 920 kg
Transmission, 4 - or 5-speed
Tires 175/70 R13

Chronology of production
Fall 1987 Start of production of VAZ-2109
From 1990 to 1994, VAZ-21 091
From 1992 to 2004, VAZ-21093
1992 Modernization ("long wing")
1994 VAZ-21093-20
1995 Upgrade (body)
From 1996 to 1998 Lada Samara Baltika, Valmet assembly
1997 Upgrade (body, "europanel")
From 1994 to 1999, VAZ-2109-91 (small series)
March 2004 at AvtoVAZ Prekraschenieproizvodstva

Modification of the VAZ-21 090
Engine Type / number of valves BC / 4R / 8
Displacement, l 1288
Power, HP 63
Maximum torque 95 N • m
Maximum speed, km / h 148
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from 16.2
Consumption of fuels. 90 km / h / Hz, 5.8 hp / 9.0

Modification of the VAZ-21 091
Engine Type / number of valves BC / 4R / 8
Displacement, l 1099
Power, HP 54
Maximum torque 78 N • m
Maximum speed, km / h 138
Acceleration to 100 km / h, 17.2
Consumption of fuels. 90 km / h / Hz, 5.9 hp / 8.8

Modification of the VAZ-21093
Engine Type / number of valves BC / 4R / 8
Displacement, l 1499
Power, HP 70
Maximum torque 106 N • m
Maximum speed, km / h 156
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from 13.2
Consumption of fuels. 90 km / h / Hz, 6.1 hp / 9.3

Modification of the VAZ-21093-20
Engine Type / number of valves BC / 4R / 8
Displacement, l 1499
Power, HP 71
Maximum torque 118 N • m
Maximum speed, km / h 156
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from 12.8
Consumption of fuels. 90 km / h / Hz, 5.8 l / 8,6

Modification of the VAZ-21093
Engine Type / number of valves RAP
Displacement, l 2h654
Power, HP 135
Maximum torque 176 N • m
Maximum speed, km / h 200
Acceleration to 100 km / h, with 8.5
Consumption of fuels. 90 km / h / Hz, 7.2 l / 11