Folk medicine of Russia: Treatment of warts

Folk medicine of Russia: Treatment of warts

Warts are benign skin tumors, which is caused by a virus. The disease often are children and adolescents. There are common warts, flat warts and senile.

Common warts - thick dry painless cornified limited elevation with an irregular villous surface, the size of a pinhead to a pea. May coalesce to form large plaques. Located in easily traumatized areas, ie fingers, hands, knees. The most frequently common warts on the hands are formed.

A variety of common warts - plantar warts - appear in the ground pressure of shoes, especially in heavily sweating. First, small shiny, later papule or plaque keratinizing yellowish-gray with a rough uneven surface. Education is usually solitary, but there are 3-6 and more warts. Small items may coalesce to form a "mosaic" warts. Very dense, horny, dirty-gray color of plantar warts differ great soreness that prevents walking, and sometimes cause temporary disability.

Flat, or youth, warts - clearly demarcated papules with a smooth surface with a diameter of 1-5 mm, rising to 1-2 mm above the surrounding skin, usually occur in children and young people. Have the form of rounded or irregularly shaped flat nodules, which are located on the dorsum of the hands, as well as on the skin. The color is light brown, pink or normal skin. The appearance of flat warts contributes to skin irritation (often arise in the course of scratches, cuts, etc.). Formed mostly on the face and dorsum of the hands, shins.

Genital warts - tiny pink nodules that merge to form papilliform proliferation of soft consistency on the basis of a leg.

Senile warts, age keratomas, develop mainly in the elderly, with a viral infection are not related. Located mainly on the face, neck and torso.

The primary method of treatment of warts - destruction (removal) of existing lesions by drugs or by physical methods. These two methods can be combined together or used in conjunction with preparations for external use only.

Therapeutic efficacy of depleting treatment of warts reaches about 60-90%. Relapse within 3 months after treatment, there are a quarter of patients. In the treatment of warts, as in all other forms of human papillomavirus infection, along with local treatment, it is advisable to conduct a general anti-relapse treatment.

Prognosis of the disease - the likelihood of recurrence of warts (relapse), complications, largely determined by the timeliness and quality of care, as well as the state of immunity. Therefore, the treatment must maintain immunity with vitamins and a healthy lifestyle.

Prevention of Warts

It is known that it is easier to prevent disease than to cure. This fully applies to the warts.

First of all, we recommend to observe the elementary rules of personal hygiene. You should not walk barefoot in public areas, especially wet - like the soul, changing rooms, swimming pool, do not abuse this shoe, in which feet sweat constantly, or at least the possibility of finding high quality of its dry, do not touch without the need for his or other people's warts, or to matters dealt with by you touch the patient.

You should also pay attention to general health and especially the immune system - a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

It would be nice more and learn to relax and avoid stress - that you are guaranteed to get rid not only of the possible appearance of warts, but also from a whole bunch of possible diseases.

When you need to see a doctor?

• if the wart quickly changes shape, color, or all together;
• If the wart is uneven color;
• if the boundaries are vague warts (in this case, most likely, it's not a wart);
• If a wart or a sore constantly injured (if it increases the risk of degeneration into something more serious);
• if the number of warts gradually increases;
• if the wart bleeds or itches;
• if the wart was formed in the genital area.

Treatment of warts popular methods:

1. Daily, 2-3 times a day, rub the wart raw garlic. The course of treatment to continue until the disappearance of warts, but not more than 3 weeks.

2. Warts can be safely removed if they are several times daily to wet the strong infusion of wormwood.

3. Squeeze the juice of celandine grass. Daily lubricate them warts, 2 times a day. Treatment did not continue for more than 3 weeks.

4. Warts every day at night to lubricate garlic juice mixed with honey in proportion 3:1. You can put garlic baked with butter.

5. Traditional medicine offers an effective way of removing warts on the hands. To do this, melt a teaspoon of bees wax and gently drop to the wart. Ball of wax hardens immediately without causing any pain or burning. If someone is afraid to burn the skin, it must be on a small piece of paper cut out a hole the size of the wart and put the paper so that the wart "entered" into this hole. Dripping wax. The first time a ball of wax to hold for 30 minutes. The next day, repeat the procedure at the same time, but increase the time to 40 minutes, the third time to 1 h. The wax must be taken directly to the selected bees, honeycombs and not sold in stores beekeeping. Harvest wax in summer (late May-July).

6. Rub the wart with clean chalk from the top to pour more chalk, tie, so that did not get wet. With the blindfold walk day. Change the bandage several times before drying warts.

7. Hold it in vinegar or vinegar for 2 hours wet bulb and tie it at night. Will lug. So do several times, until the wart does not come from the root.