Suspended ceiling Grilyato: installation

Suspended ceiling Grilyato: installation

In order for a suspended ceiling was appropriate Grilyato presentable appearance, had a long life, it must be installed and mounted correctly, maintaining the high quality of the factory building of this type of ceiling. The entire installation process Grilyato reduced only to comply with a pair of corresponding engineering rules: fixtures that are installed on the ceiling, must be connected with the suspension of the steel sections to length, which already hold the ceiling panels and guide elements. Installation of ceiling Grilyato presents no special difficulties, the whole system setup is simple enough, but because of this it is also reliable. In order to properly assembly was held, must be guided scheme and assembly manual that is provided, in turn, is a manufacturer of products. Indeed, depending on the type of materials used, the size of the ceiling, the scheme may even not significant, but different.

All design ceiling Grilyato kept on hangers, which, despite its delicate appearance, strong enough, and guides. The very same ceiling Grilyato includes two main profile, made from aluminum, which are called "mother" and "Dad." These aluminum profiles are collected together in a grid, which can vary in their characteristics depending on the size of the ceiling. Then obtained as a result of this assembly is mounted on the grill so-called carrier.

The standard set is designed for mounting ceiling Grilyato includes the following elements: bearing rails of different sizes (submitted at least three elements of different lengths), bath, grill, suspension, and fasteners.

Now, let's talk about installing ceiling Grilyato. The main guiding element - With bearing structure 180, the amount of which is 1,800 millimeters. This guide is attached to the bar and either S120 (length 1200 mm), if the lattice ceiling consists of square cells in less than 75 to 75 millimeters, or a bar with 60 squares if the cells more than 75 by 75 millimeters. Then the carriers and intermediate rails are mounted on a height with the suspension, produced by springs. The design height of the step shall be not more than one hundred inches.

If you are installing a suspended ceiling is used Grilyato guide the design of C 60, it connects to the guide C 120 exactly in the middle, which ensures stability and strength of the ceiling. The dimensions of the two main guides range from 120 cm to 240. If the basic design guide is the beam 240 centimeters, then the connection is made with a guide at a distance of one hundred and twenty centimeters. If you are using an additional, third, with the guide 60, then its dimensions, respectively, are 60 inches.

Two guides, C 120 and C 60 are fastened together by means of a special adapter. Such fastening devices are usually used several pieces. As a result, the connection of all the guides and other elements that form a square side of 60 centimeters. Depending on the ceiling area is selected the right amount of sixty-centimeter squares, which form a complete design of the ceiling. Once it was installed on the ceiling, move to mount and install arrays of illuminating elements.

When installing ceiling Grilyato profiles, you can use the profile pruning technique, that is, fit the profile for the required parameters of cells, making these cells are most dense and tightly interconnected.

If the ceiling has been installed in accordance with Grilyato established scheme, by its appearance it will seem completely continuous. Depending on whether the number of cells used during the installation, depending on the height profile, the weight per square meter roof can vary from 2 to 6 pounds.