Metal ceiling cassette

Metal cassette ceilings - new technologies in the field of false ceilings. Metal ceilings are widely used in large public buildings, offices, shops, flats, etc.

A wide variety of metal ceiling systems, various designs, shapes, color palette allows designers and architects to develop interesting solutions to the ceilings, the relevant functional and aesthetic requirements of modern construction.

Metal ceiling - ideal for those who need a waterproof roof, fire-safe and durable.

To mount the cluster use ordinary ceiling suspension systems, as well as for ceiling type Armstrong.

Design magazines (edge)
Edge of the plate can be the following types:
Board - plate with smooth edges, the plate is installed on the suspension system of a width: 15 and 24 mm.
Tegular - the edge of plate with a wide step, the plate is installed on the suspension system of a width: 24 mm.
Perforated ceilings
Since the metal is not an acoustic material to improve the sound-absorbing properties in metal perforated ceilings.
At the request of the customer magazine of the metal ceiling SKY can be properforirovanny. The hole diameter of 3 mm, the distance between holes is 10 mm.

If necessary, further improve the acoustic characteristics of the metal ceiling on the back of the tape bonded to the coating of mineral wool or fiberglass.
Coating tapes (color), material for
The panels are durable and moisture-resistant, because they are made of thin galvanized steel or aluminum. Various decorative finishes, from matte and glossy color, polymer-coated, mirror-like metallic layer, etc.

Color panels: red, chrome, gold, superhrom, superzoloto, metallic, etc.
Cassette ceilings SKY
SKY cassette ceiling is convenient and easy to install.
A variety of forms, cassette ceiling panels SKY provides a ceiling surfaces:
C recessed suspension system (TEGULAR) - SKY T24 and SKY T15,
C is not recessed suspension system (MINABOARD) - SKY TY (under harness T24),
C an invisible harness - SKY 600.