Novgorod is now

Novgorod is now

Not one city in Russia did not keep so many beautiful monuments of architecture and monumental art. Veliky Novgorod is not accidentally called a town-museum of ancient Russia. It is conveniently located on the motorway between the two major Russian cities - St. Petersburg and Moscow (about 180 kilometers and 520, respectively) and, of course, attracts many foreign and Russian tourists.

Veliky Novgorod is difficult and sometimes - it is impossible to determine where the city ends and begins a museum. About 50 of the most valuable monuments of ancient architecture XI-XVII centuries became part of the living structure of modern urban world. You can touch the rough walls of churches, see ancient frescoes ... The history of Novgorod churches, monasteries and fortifications has many beautiful and tragic.

Walking on the Great Novgorod well in any season, of course, it is especially beautiful in spring and summer, when the start time of white nights. Beautiful city and fall ... And in the winter is especially good in extreme cold. Ancient churches seem to be just a fairy tale, surrounded by trees and lace of frost. Blue sky and sunshine complement the excellent picture.

The walk usually begins with a tour of the Kremlin (where it is sometimes called Detinets). Before Sophia Square tourists usually get a bus, though, as we said, and walking tour - beautiful! At the Sofia area are the regional administration building and the former Nobility, where now the Museum of Fine Arts.

From the square we can immediately get into the Kremlin - the heart of Novgorod, where the Hagia Sophia (XI century), the monument "Millennium of Russia" and many other attractions. Look at the magnificent view of the walls and towers of the Kremlin and the majestic dome of St. Sophia Cathedral, admire the source of the Volkhov! On the pedestrian bridge panorama of the river Volkhov, which divides into two parts Novgorod (ies): Trade and Sofia.

On the side of the remarkable ensemble of Commerce Yaroslav's Court. To the left of the bridge is visible road palace of the Russian Empress Catherine the Great, built in 1771. Right away shining dome of the belfry of St. George's Monastery. If you look to the left, behind the bridge of Alexander Nevsky visible theater Drama writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the Church of Boris and Gleb in Plotnikov, John and Anthony Radokovitsah in a monastery.

Veliky Novgorod hospitable and leisurely. The population of a little bit more than two hundred thousand people. For travelers, this hotel is a good choice of different levels, with restaurants, cafes and car parks. Most of the hotels - within 10 minutes drive from the historic center. Of course, there are nightclubs and discos, theaters, modern cinema, pool and casino.

One of the oldest and most beautiful Russian cities, Novgorod the Great was instrumental in the creation of the Russian state. For several centuries the city was the link between medieval Europe and Russia, a kind of "door" to Europe, a center of international integration and trade. On the traditions of the medieval Hanseatic League, which is considered the prototype of the modern single European market in 1980 came Hansa League, now unites more than 160 cities from 15 European countries.

The purpose of the New Hanseatic League - the preservation of culture of the past. It is the means of the Hanseatic League in 1999, during a deep economic crisis in Russia, has been restored Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Yaroslav's Court. Climbing the stairs at the entrance to the main room of the temple one can read the name of the cities of the Hanseatic League, who have invested money to saving the church, which demanded immediate and rapid restoration.

Each year, one of the Hanseatic city festival. Participating cities represent their culture and tradition unfolds medieval market with handicrafts, traditional food, performances of the ensembles. In Novgorod Hansa Days passed in summer 2009 and autumn 2009, Veliky Novgorod celebrated its 1150th anniversary.

Lord Novgorod the Great is waiting for guests!