Russian cities: Archangelsk

Russian cities: Archangelsk

White Sea ... northern edge of Russia. Earth first Russian sailors, land where he was born great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. The capital of the White Sea is Archangelsk, a city with almost half the population.

One of the first references to the history of Russia's northern city of new refers to 1584, when it was "written in Moscow," Ivan the Terrible's charter Dvina magistrates PA Naschekino and AN-Zaleshaninu Volokhov indicating "put the city". Voivode " Archangelsk city placed a wooden odnem year at Pur Navolok over the Dvina River ..." - says the chronicler Dvina. The first buildings around Michael the Archangel monastery was a fortress, living neighborhood for merchants and marina.
Monument to Peter I

In 1553, appeared in the White Sea, the English expedition ship which sought northwest passage to China. Since England has discovered Russia, and Russia-England. Another eventful page in the history of Archangelsk became the Petrine era. Peter the Great visited the city three times. Here he first saw the sea, founded Solombala Admiralty, built the first Russian merchant ship and found a way to say now, the design of the Russian national flag. It happened quite spontaneously. When the ship was launched, the question of sending him abroad the goods under the Russian flag. But Russia has its flag was not there, as there was no tissue and in local shops. Then Peter borrows his beloved flag at the Dutch and, without hesitation he moved the band in some places: top - white, down - the red, the middle - blue. Thus was born the Russian flag. It was in Archangelsk in summer 1694.
Night Archangel

The life of this city for four centuries, with the sea. In XVI-XVII centuries it was the only sea port through which trade was conducted with a wide European countries. With the end of the XVII century, it starts the domestic shipbuilding industry. After the founding of St. Petersburg Archangelsk seaport is losing its former importance, but from its moorings in polar research trip sent many expeditions, including VY Chichagov, Litke, V. Rusanov, PK Pakhtusova, Georgy Sedov and others.

In XIX-XX centuries Archangel developed as a large timber and lesoeksportny center of Russia. Difficult and hard work of northerners in the first years of Soviet power brought him fame as the "currency of the country shop."
Monument to the defenders of the North

The city is growing prettier. In the city of three museums, two professional theater, North State Academic Russian Folk Choir. In Archangelsk is one of the centers of arts and crafts - unification of the "White Sea patterns".
Victory Monument

In 1984, for his great contribution to the development of the Navy, development of the northern parts of the country, workers' achievements in World War II, advances in economic and cultural development and in connection with the 400th anniversary of the founding of Arkhangelsk was awarded the Order of Lenin.
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