Russian city: of Archangelsk sights

Russian city of Archangelsk sights

Historical Monuments in Archangelsk

The obelisk of the North

Obelisk with sculptures depicting White Sea and the reindeer, established in 1930, is considered one of the symbols of the city.
Address: Arkhangelsk, pl. Lenin

The embankment of the Northern Dvina

"Person of the city": the pedestrian boulevard, memorials and monuments, historic and modern buildings.
Address: Arkhangelsk, embankment. Northern Dvina

Monument to Peter the Great


Set July 10, 1914. Sculptor MM Antokolsky.
It is currently in the embankment near the intersection of the Northern Dvina and the streets of Resurrection.

Monument to Peter and Fevronia Muromsky

Set June 28, 2009 to celebrate the 425th anniversary of the city of Archangelsk at the intersection of Loginov and the Northern Dvina Embankment, next to the Holy Church of the Dormition.

Monument "seals - the savior of the inhabitants of besieged Leningrad and of Archangelsk"

Opened May 6, 2010 Seal of the Great Patriotic War, Northerners had saved from starvation. In the spring of 1943 obtained in field expeditions seal meat and fat were sent starving inhabitants of Archangelsk, and other area towns, as well as in besieged Leningrad by the "road of life" across frozen Lake Ladoga.
Address: Arkhangelsk, embankment. Sev. Dvina, between ul. Marx and Freedom

The English cemetery

On the territory of the Vologda cemetery is the so-called "English Cemetery" or "graveyard of British sailors." In 1918-1919. here buried their soldiers and officers killed, died of wounds, and often died of flu-"Spanish flu", the British, Americans and French.
Address: Arkhangelsk, near the intersection Avenue and Canal Street Obvodny Vologda

Monument to Lomonosov

Installed in 1832. Sculptor IP Martos. Located on the waterfront of the Northern Dvina.

A monument to the hero of the Soviet Union NG Kuznetsov

Opened May 8, 2010, Nikolai Kuznetsov, commander of the Navy Gerasimovich USSR during its formation and critical tests. The developed system he helped alert fleets to withstand the day of the attack of Nazi Germany.
Address: Arkhangelsk, embankment crossing. Sev. Dvina and the street. garden

The sculpture of the Archangel Michael

Installed in 2002, Elijah Street. Sculptor Alex Gospel.

Monument to victims of the intervention in 1918-1920.

Placed on the spot where on the night of May 1, 1919 was shot group members of the underground Bolshevik organization in the city of Arkhangelsk. The monument is tucked away in the wilds of the Vologda cemetery, go up the path from the intersection Avenue and Canal Street Obvodny Vologda.
Address: Arkhangelsk, Vologda cemetery


The village survived two churches - a wooden building in 1688 (renovated in 1915) and Stone's 1808-1827 construction. Under Soviet rule, the temple was not closed.

Directions: From junction at the railroad bridge on the route Arkhangelsk-Severodvinsk is about 2 km, followed by the index "Zaostrovje" about 3.5 km to the village Rikasovo.

Address: Arkhangelsk Oblast, Primorsky district, rural settlement Zaostrovje
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