Homemade gifts

Homemade gifts

Very nice to receive gifts. And even nicer to give them. But a lot of holidays, people who want to make a gift - more ... And each of us at least once in their lives faced with the problem - "What to give?".

Remember the hours of shopping before the New Year, when crowds of people trying to rush to pick up the total gifts for your friends and family! In those days, it becomes a test search of gifts, souvenirs and bought at sales, bringing little joy, because they are "cloned". But each of us would like to receive a gift of something unique, or better yet, made by hand a loved one. After all, this souvenir is always pleasing to the eye and evoke memories of warm sea, because it is made with the soul, love, and thoughts about you.

In recent years we have increasingly heard the phrase «Hand Made». What is it? And this is precisely the gifts and souvenirs, hand made. Things that carry the warmth of human hands. Gifts made with love especially for the individual. And most importantly - an absolutely unique.

Yes, homemade gifts takes time. But think how much you will spend pleasant moments by making the souvenir for your loved one. And how much joy you see in his eyes when he was in a festive atmosphere would get out of the box is not twentieth account pen or lighter, but, for example, woven beaded pouch for lighter ...

Presented? Well then, let's see what can be done from the gifts!

In fact, absolutely out of all that is in the house or yard. You loved as a child of clay to sculpt? Then, without wasting time, go to the store, buy it or a lot of white clay to modellingu (depending on what is available) and begin to create.

In this case, it all depends on your patience and imagination. Special skills are required.

And how much can be done!? Candle holders, souvenir figurines, ornaments, magnets, unique picture frame - all this can blind yourself!

On the Internet you can find many schemes for the weaving of beads. Even without being able to weave in a short period of time can create wonderful things. For instance, a bouquet of flowers that never wilt! And if you're familiar with beading, but do not know how we can apply this knowledge - embroider beaded portrait of the person preparing a gift! Yes, it takes a long time, but from such a gift will be delighted with everything! The same can be applied to cross-stitch. The benefit of today there are many computer programs that use two keys turn any photo or drawing of circuit for embroidery!
Increasingly, stores you can see a variety of soaps, hand made and well worth crazy money. In fact, the creation of soap - a very expensive and not a simple process. And most importantly - insanely addictive! Cook your family and friends of soap that will meet all of their preferences!

Recipe soap with glycerin and vitamin «E»:

Elapsed time - 30 minutes (not counting the time for freezing).

1. Take one piece of baby soap (fits any baby soap, unless it has a strong smell) and rub it on the grate (the third is easy, a lot of effort is not needed).

2. Add a faceted glass of water or milk.

3. Put in the microwave for five minutes.

4. After heating, beat a little bit to get rid of lumps.

5. Add to the resulting mass is 1 teaspoon of glycerin, 2 teaspoons olive oil, 0.5 teaspoon of vitamin E, 5-10 drops of essential oils (grapefruit, orange, lemon - what you like).

6. Add decoration (you can take a transparent soap with the scent of essential oil of your choice, and cut it into small pieces).

7. Carefully stir and poured into molds (very well suited for children or pastry tins).

8. We put in a cool place to harden. The longer - the better. But if time is short - 12 hours a night is enough!

9. Packed in a beautiful gift wrap and our ready!

So, without too much cost you and I cooked a unique soap for at least 5 friends in just 30 minutes!

As I said above: you can make gifts of all! Just Be imagination and your loved ones will never be left without a gift, but you will always see only happy faces and hear only a sincere "Thank you."

Creative success to you!