House repairs: pasting wall wallpaper

Film and rolled materials can be used to plaster finish surfaces, walls of wood and plaster, chipboard, fiberboard, etc. However, it is best to use wallpaper pasting the walls, which combine low cost and feasibility of any design decision. Work on the bonding of wallpaper is simple, so it can be done by almost everyone. One of the advantages of using them is that life is not as wallpaper short compared with the painted surface, you want to remodel again in case of contamination, replace a piece of wallpaper is much easier than to pick a shade of paint that matches the color of the surface.

Set wallpaper for walls

In paper wallpaper has more advantages compared to film and rolled materials, which do not absorb moisture and do not let the air, creating an unfavorable and harmful to the atmosphere. Therefore, according to health standards, living rooms should hang wallpaper with paper, and the premises where the person does not hold for a long time (toilet, bathroom, kitchen) - film. In addition, these wallpapers can be washed or cleaned with a damp cloth, and the walls in the kitchen and sanitary facilities get dirty much faster. That's why washable, which represent the film on paper, are best suited for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and built-in cabinets. Bathrooms, where the higher humidity of the room, it is best to paste vinyl leather, penoplenom, unbonded films. These wallpapers are suitable for the front.

In order for the room turned out beautiful and comfortable, need to be properly before papering the walls of wallpaper to choose the texture of the wallpaper. Thus, if the room is small, the large drawing on the wallpaper visually reduce it even more. Therefore, in this case it is better to decorate the room with wallpaper or small blurry picture.

Visually, you can increase the height of the room, picking up the wallpaper with a vertical pattern and pokleit them to the ceiling. Border, on the contrary, visually makes room below.

If the furniture in the room rather ugly, and you would like as little as possible to focus attention on it, the brighter the wallpaper with an expressive, eye-catching pattern will allow you to do it. A beautiful furniture will make more visible dull, monochrome wallpaper.

When choosing a color wallpaper should also consider the functionality of the room. For example, orange is better suited for living rooms and bedrooms to better choose cool colors. Brown reduces the room, and blue, in contrast, makes it visually more spacious.

If the windows face north, it is best to decorate the room orange wallpaper, as it will make it more shiny. In contrast, for the rooms where the windows face south, it is better to pick up the blue, blue and green shades.

Wallpaper on the ceiling

It is best to ceiling smoryatsya bright wallpaper without pattern or with barely perceptible pattern. For simplicity of the wallpaper can be chosen that do not require interfacing. To wallpaper flat on the surface, the glue on the ceiling should be applied by roller, covering them to the surface and edges of the walls nearby.