Homemade wine from grapes

Wine - probably the most ancient tasty and healthy drink. Even in the fermentation process it retains all the nutrients inherent in the fresh berries or fruit from which it is prepared. High-quality natural wine can even serve as a cure for some diseases. Therefore, do not be upset if you can not buy an expensive natural product. After a delicious, healthy beverage can be prepared at home by yourself. Many people believe that the process is complex and immediately reject the idea. And it is in vain. Indeed, apart from the truly complex formulations of wine, there is easy, simple and easy recipes. Let's try to make grape wine and enjoy its taste. To learn exactly how to make homemade wine from grapes, simple recipes of cooking we will tell you on our site www.rasteniya-lecarstvennie.ru. Homemade wine from grapes is not difficult to prepare. Especially, we are going to use a simple tested recipes. The main thing is to do it the first time, and then everything will go "like clockwork." With skill, you can get a new, unique taste and the drink will be branded beverage of your family. So first prepare everything for cooking wine: Good to use for making homemade drink wine grapes. They have a juicy pulp, and accumulate the highest amount of sugar. But if your home is growing near the most common grapes, with no title, from it you can also make a very decent house wine. The main condition: Collect berries in dry weather and sort them carefully. For the preparation of high-quality wines are not suitable rotten, unripe or moldy berries. Therefore, ruthlessly discard them.

 Simple recipe for homemade wine from grapes: 

 Ripe fruit loop, remove debris, leaves. Twigs can be left - they will give our drink astringency and aroma. But in any case, do not wash. It is on the surface of the fruit is a natural, healthy yeast bacteria that cause fermentation. Two buckets of wine, you should have 10 liters. natural beverage. Thoroughly crush berries mortar until smooth (pulp). Fill mash deep capacity for 2/3. Leave the lid on 3 days. Every day with a wooden spoon (spatula) to mix all but the last third of the day. On the 4th day in a separate drain pan or bucket of fermented juice (must). Wring your hands or a press remaining raw materials, also drain. Now we must put the sugar. To 1 liter. juice - 1 tbsp. sugar. Put on fire, heat to about 45 degrees, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon mash to dissolve the sugar. Pour the wort into the bottle with water seal. Leave on for 21 days and not a day less. When the time pour the wine through a straw in a separate tank, filter, to avoid sediment, cover, store in a cool place for 40 days. Then carefully pour also no sediment (use folded in several layers of cheesecloth.) Again, leave the lid on for 40 days. Drain again, leave it for 40 days. Yes, the drink has to clear, without harmful to the kidney sediment forget about it 3 times in 40 days. But now, after you've all survived, survived and did not try to drink ahead of time, you get a real homemade wine made by the old peasant simple recipe. Ruby wine turns noble grape flavor with a wonderful aroma.

Another easy recipe for homemade wine from grapes:

If you do not have time to mess around so much time and would like to make the wine more quickly, try to prepare a drink for this simple recipe: For this recipe you will need 5 kg of berries, 2 kg. sugar, 2 tbsp. l. wine yeast, 10 liters. purified or bottled water.
 How to prepare: 
This recipe is very popular with the winemakers of central Russia. The wine is made of grapes cold-resistant varieties. The recipe is very simple to prepare and very good drink of wine will not even highly experienced hostess. In this case, wash the grapes, pre-loop. Berries interpret the mortar to the state puree. Fold in enamel bowl, place on a plate. Preheat over low heat to 60 degrees. Then remove the pan from the heat, cool, fold in a colander, squeeze hands juices using folded in several layers of cheesecloth. Try juice to taste, add the sugar, water, stir, add the yeast. If no special starter, you can use yeast. Pour into a glass bottle, put a water slide, move to a warm place for a month. Then try the wine. If needed, add sugar and stir until it fully dissolved, pour into bottles without sediment, tightly Zakuporte. The wine will be ready in another couple of weeks. Red wine is considered a natural beneficial to human health. Should only use it correctly, and most importantly - in moderation. Drink your glass of house wine at dinner. Experts believe that most good drink brings, when his drink at meals. So, drop the question and all you get. Safely handle the case and prepare his homemade wine from grapes, using these simple tested recipes. Cheers!